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Content Writer with 20 years experience

About Me

An an Educator / Writer/ Freelancer/ Artist / Homemaker.

I have been writing in ezinearticles.com as  a Platinum author and also contributed to writing content at the educational institution where i have been worked for a decade in newsletters and magazine as a Lead Editor / Writer.

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Health & Wellness

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My Writing Samples

Do we Need to develop Ecological Intelligence

It's based on the book of Daniel Goleman on 'Ecological Intelligence'. The article is in depth discussing the critical importance of being eco-friendly and saving the planet Earth.


Tips to cure Insomnia

This is a health related article on how to deal with Insomnia in a natural way and live a productive life to overcome Insomnia without any medication.


Parents as Role Models or the first Teacher

This is an article of an Art of Great Parenting lifestyle


Importance of English Grammar in writing

This is an important of English Grammar in writing well and stressing on how even the word order and grammar matters the most.


Article is on the health benefits of Dates fruit

The article covers the Date fruit it health nutrients in details and amazing health benefits



Educator / Lead Editor / Writer

Teacher / Writer/ Editor

Company: Presidency School Mangalore

I worked there from 4/2013 until 11/2016

Content I Write