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Content developer and strategist

About Me

I am a content writer and strategist with a Bachelor's Degree in Writing Seminars from Johns Hopkins University. 

I am focused on helping start-ups tell their stories and develop their brands. It's not all about selling their products, but authentically engaging with their customers and providing real world solutions to problems customers may not have even known they had. 

While most of my experience is centered around B2B marketing in the restaurant and health sectors, because my expertise and focus is all about developing interest in a company, I am comfortable writing for a variety of industries.  I've worked for companies outside the scope of a writer, and can bring a lot of hands on experience across a multitude of topics. 

My prices can be easily adjusted based on the content I am asked to develop or the type of project you want completed. I'm always happy to chat before starting a project and answer any questions you may have! 

Industries I Write About


Health & Wellness

My Writing Samples

Press Release: Global Freight Solutions Feeding Hungry Angelino's Amid Coronavirus Crisis

Warehousing logistics company donating food on a regular basis to a local nonprofit during coronavirus. This is a press release with statements from company leadership.


Blog: Organize Your FSM Company Using OKRs

Not all businesses have set objectives and key results in place before tackling customer acquisition. This blog explains the importance of creating OKRs and how they can help boost business.


Blog: Easy Events Your Assisted Living Facility Can Use to Boost Morale

Assisted Living Facilities have a reputation problem. They're losing potential residents due to public perception. This blog explains simple ways to boost facility interest and engagement.


Blog: Your CMS Surveyor Will Do More Than Inspect Your Facility's Continued Health Compliance

Living Facilities work under the assumption that Centers for Medicare and Medicaid inspect their businesses in order to ensure health code compliance, but in actuality they inspect much more. This blog gives a breakdown of what else an assisted living facility can expect when CMS comes calling.


Blog: 5 Ways to Improve Employee Productivity

Employee productivity is a problem most companies experience. This blog explains the benefits of using a developed auditing software in order to streamline employee productivity.


Blog: Internet Transparency Will Lead to a Decrease in Your Restaurant's Revenue

We live in the age of the internet, where we figure out which restaurant to go to based on a smattering of reviews from strangers. Restaurants must always be on top of their game if they don't want to lose out on important business. This blog explains how to keep a positive online presence and stay successful.


My Full Writing Portfolio

Full Copywriting Portfolio linked. Most of my writing consists of ghostwriting - MyFieldAudits blogs that were written by me span from September 6, 2018 up to the most post. Portfolios for other writing styles are included on my website as well.



Executive Assistant

Executive Assistant to the CEO of a Top 100 Electronics and Appliances Retailer. I create decks, draft and proof memos, research trends, and manage projects.

Company: Curacao

I worked there from 5/2019 until now

Copywriter & Marketing Strategist

Freelancer for a start-up software and tech company that focused on serving the food service and health industries. My workload included drafting, proofing, and posting several blogs per week, sporadic social media engagement, lead generation and research, and developing a secondary marketing strategy when their original plan didn't generate the engagement they expected.

Company: MyFieldAudits

I worked there from 8/2018 until 5/2019

Customer Service (Representive to Department Head)

CS Representative promoted to Department Head after two years for a start-up restaurant packaging business focused on serving the Greater Los Angeles Area. I wrote and proofed copy, analyzed customer purchasing trends, created a training manual for new employees, created new policies for office and warehouse operations, researched potential products and customers to onboard.

Company: Restaurant Packaging Group

I worked there from 6/2015 until 6/2018

Content I Write