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About Me

Hire A Writer That Gets You Results! Offering SEO Keyword Blog Post Article Writing On Any Topic. I'll Track Article's Search Engine Results With Advised Suggested Improvements To Get Better Search Engine Rankings! 

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Let's get down to the moment in time and examine the FACTS! You don't just want any kind of online content, you want original, quality content that offers genuine value. Writing great articles means that you have to hire a professional business freelance blog content writer, copywriter or book ghostwriter that does more than regurgitate boring nonessential garbage. You need an author that will educate your audience. This is what it takes for your segment of the market to become authoritative.

If you need compelling content that people will actually read and absolutely adore. Don't look any further. Since 2000 I've been writing full-time and my articles get RESULTS!

More crucially, I have produced website posts that has given my customers the material they desire, which is why individuals keep returning.


I have 25+ years of business experience of working at home and 10 years which I made a living as a writer. My business experience has taught me how to sell and write articles. I have worked with a SEO expert (davidjenyns.com) for 7 years who is knowledgeable in social media marketing, SEO marketing, and taught me everything I know about writing.

I am a professional SEO writer, copywriter, proofreader and author who helps creative entrepreneurs and startups take their great ideas and turns them into a message that attracts and connects with their ideal customers over and over. For years, I've helped businesses with writing copy and articles that influence and inspire. I specialize in writing personalized, high-converting website material, landing page copy, PPC ads, content strategy (blogs, articles, social media), email marketing, eBooks.

I understand the psychology that influences human behavior and have the editing techniques to help me craft a clear message that is perfect for your company. My copy and content drives organic web traffic, tells a story, attracts new customers, and makes you money. I accomplish this because I focus on writing a core message that gets customers motivated to do what you want them to do.

I am dependable, creative, organized, cheerful, and excellent at meeting deadlines. I am attentive to detail, with broad experience on any topic. When I write, I like to use psychological hooks that make people wake up from their stupor and almost put them in a trance from the very first word.

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My Writing Samples

Your Most Burning Questions About LIFE'S JOURNEY

Life is a journey that brings us to a place that fills our life with joy, difficulty, hardships, celebrations, and special moments. The road won't always be easy, because no one really knows what to expect.


Articles from The Richest

TheRichest.com is one of the Internet’s longest-running celebrity net worth resources - growing into one of the most informative (and entertaining) websites in the world.


Articles from The Clever

TheClever targets young professionals, featuring list-based articles that cover core topics like business, technology, cars and lifestyle in a unique and engaging way.


Articles from The Talko

Providing news on product launches, fashion must-haves - plus the biggest hits and misses in the world of health and fitness, TheTalko.com serves 72 million readers worldwide. At TheTalko.com, we pride ourselves on being a top authority for news and reviews while also offering a fresh and unique take on tips and trends.


Articles from Blasting News

Blasting News gives voice to the voiceless, therefore bringing unbiased and plural perspectives to its engaged audience. Blasting News’ firm belief is that accurate information can be reported only through openness and plurality.


Articles for The System Trading Blog

I put and edited this blog and put it up for David and I help write the content from 2005 to 2012.


The 5 Most Popular Daily Habits of Ultra Successful People

Ghostwritten article - If you want to be as productive a possible, you’ll need a hands-on plan. Your desire to do what you enjoy every day is the achievement you’re looking to accomplish. To succeed, you should discover what you want, what you appreciate, and be bold enough to execute on your dreams.


"Yes You Can Design Part Time Trading Plans That Make Money!"

I worked with David Jenyns. Helped edit & added to his ebook when it came out.


Stranger Jumps Into Ocean To Save Drowning Dog

1.3k SHARES - Time and again, we come across one or another case of animals getting beaten and pet animals getting mistreated. But, there comes into view wonderful people who are looking at as saviors for saving these innocent beings. In a recent case, a man jumps into the ocean to save a stranger’s dog from drowning.


Brave Family Dog Saves Baby Boy From Being Attacked By A Copperhead Snake

1.3k SHARES - The entire human race is aware that the dog is the most faithful animal of all. No matter how badly the owner treats the pet dog, it will say faithful to his owner his entire life. This particular attribute of dogs has been portrayed an abundance of time in movies, novels, and much more.


Unpublished Articles

When I write, I like to use psychological hooks that make people wake up from their stupor and almost put them in a trance from the very first word.



Freelance SEO Content Writer & Copywriter

1. Worked with a SEO expert (davidjenyns.com) for 7 years who is knowledgeable in social media marketing, SEO marketing, and taught me everything I know about writing. 2. SEO & Link building 3. Wrote, proofread blogs, social media posts, website copy & articles. Researched, developed, pitched stories that reflected unique sensibilities of a major network brand. 4. Maintained current understanding of industry, content marketing genre trends, enhancing writing and marketing success.

Company: Self Employed Writer

I worked there from 1/1995 until now

Ebay and Online Sales for Self & Others

1. Maintain STRICT work schedules to sell items for others using the Internet. 2. Provided forecasting, market analysis, budgetary and profit requirements & gave advice for others to properly staff for all occasion with RECORD BREAKING AWARD WINNING LOW wage percentages with higher profits. 3. Responsible for purchasing movies, books, music & other collectibles that were to be sold on eBay for either myself or for others. 4. Writing copy for products.

Company: Self Employed

I worked there from 1/2005 until now

Content I Write