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About Me

I have nearly 40 years experience as a writer, video producer, editor and coach.  I was a TV news anchor and reporter for 20 years where I wrote all of my own material.  I am co-founder and writer and coach for  two companies www.3dcommunications.us and www.3dexeccomms.com .   I write speeches, presentations, marketing materials, articles and many other things -- and have been doing this for nearly 20 years.   

Industries I Write About

Science & Medicine

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Real Estate

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My Writing Samples

Dazzling the Lifeless Lens: How to Give the Best Speech of Your Life, Virtually

Everything you relied on in the past is just that – the past. This time, you won’t see the audience, feel their energy, or hear their applause. Whether you’re delivering “live” or being recorded on video for later playback, you’ll be speaking, not to hundreds of enthusiastic people, but to a lifeless camera lens. Here's how you can come across as authoritative, credible and authentic.


After nearly one month of video conferences and remote meetings from home, you know better than to h

Suddenly, because of the Pandemic, we’re all “TV” reporters and anchors – seen by all as a talking head floating in a video box. Just like the people on TV News. Here's how one of your normal past times, watching news, can help you become more effective in online meetings and presentations.



Speechwriter, marketing copy writer, editor, coach,

I am a co-founder of both these companies (2003 and 2018, respectively). I write absolutely everything from speeches and presentations to marketing copy, business articles, websites, case studies -- anything and everything. I am a natural storyteller with training and two decades of journalistic experience. Whatever you need, I can do.

Company: 3D Communications and 3D Executive Communications

I worked there from 6/2003 until now

Content I Write