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About Me

I graduated from Indiana University Southeast in 2014 with a bachelor's degree in English after initially working toward a Biology degree. After earning my degree, I immediately entered the freelance content writing sphere and built my professional portfolio based on a natural curiosity and willingness to research and write about any topic. 

However, I especially enjoy writing about small business marketing, home repair and renovation, pets and animals (I have personal and professional experience with dogs and horses), gardening and landscaping, and fiber arts. I'm a regular contributing writer to sites like Bizfluent, SFGate and Hunker. 

In addition to writing hundreds of articles since 2014, I've also had the opportunity to work in other roles, including content strategy, editing and proofreading. I also work part-time as an SEO project manager, handling every aspect of an SEO campaign from start to finish. Writing with SEO in mind is second nature, and I try to include title keywords in H2s and the introduction whenever possible, even when not strictly requested. 

Finally, I take deadlines very seriously. I've been known to stay up past midnight to meet a deadline rather than send that dreaded "It'll be a little late ..." email. Having been on the hiring side of content writing, I know how difficult it can be to find a quality writer who consistently submits work. You can count on me to communicate if there's a problem and to submit my work when it's expected -- or well before then!

I am currently looking to replace some of my lower-paying clients with higher-paying clients, so I'm most likely to accept assignments that fall into the $0.10+ range. However, I'm interested in filling out my portfolio with pieces pertaining to certain industries, including the automotive industry, and will write for such industries at a discounted rate.

Industries I Write About





Health & Wellness



Science & Medicine

My Writing Samples

How to Get Rid of a Fox Living Under a Shed

Describes how to evict a fox without trapping or killing it, and how to prevent it from coming back.


How to Plant Leggy Cucumber Seedlings

Explains why cucumber seedlings get "leggy" and how to successfully plant them.


How Does Two-Factor Authentication Improve Home Security?

Defines two-factor authentication and explains why it's useful for home security systems.


What Is a Drying Oven?

Explains what a drying oven is and isn't.


How to Monitor the Performance of an Employee

Describes employee performance monitoring ideas.


How to Determine What Kind of Fruit Tree I Have

Explains how to tell the difference between different fruit trees.


How Home Security Systems Can Help With Flooding

Describes water leak and flood detection technology.


How to Fix a Damaged Subfloor Under Carpet

Describes how to fix a damaged subfloor


27 Types of Social Media Posts to Engage Followers

Types that will engage followers


5 Conflict Management Strategies

Describes 5 conflict management strategies


GPA Required to Become a Marine Officer

Explains how to become a marine officer


What Are Consumer Needs?

Description and example of consumer needs


A Holistic Approach to Business Strategy: What You Need to Know

Describes the holistic approach to business


Do You Need a Business Degree to Be a Successful Business Owner?

Describes the pros and cons of getting a business degree before owning a small business


One Simple Tip for Tackling an Overwhelming Landscaping Project

Describes how to break down a large landscape renovation into simpler tasks


What Is a Master Budget?

Describes the purpose of a master budget in business


7 Online Tools Every Small Business Owner Should Use

Describes 7 cloud-based tools for small business management


Are You Afraid of Leaving Your Fearful Dog?

Describes my experiences of leaving behind a fearful dog when I go on vacation


Choosing Between Income Protection Insurance and a Savings Account

Discusses the pros and cons of income protection insurance vs. a savings account


4 Things You Have Every Right to Expect Out of a Sexual Relationship

Describes how to have a healthy sexual relationship


5 Affordable Date Night Ideas to Keep the Romance Alive

Date night ideas


How to Gain an Advantage in Online Gaming

Tips for making the most of online gaming


Are Daisies Weeds or Flowers?

A discussion of weeds vs flowers.


What Is a Business Initiative?

Describes business initiatives and give examples


The Importance of Communication in Advertising

What is communication and why is it crucial to get it right in advertising?


Why Does Cutting Through the Bark of a Tree Often Kill the Tree?

A discussion of girdling and plant transport systems. This was really fun to write!


Purpose of Open Front Toilet Seats

The people want to know!



SEO Project Manager

I manage all search engine optimization projects for our clients, from start to finish. This includes writing proposals, conducting keyword and competitor research, performing on-page optimization, writing web copy as needed, and creating monthly performance reports. I use numerous project management and analytic tools in this role.

Company: Scepter Marketing

I worked there from 1/2019 until now

Content Writer

I write blog informative and how-to content for sites in the home improvement, gardening, career, small business, and personal finance niches.

Company: Leaf Group Inc

I worked there from 2/2018 until now


I proofread work produced for the fashion, home d├ęcor, healthcare and marketing niches.

Company: ContentWriters

I worked there from 1/2019 until now

Content Writer

I work with multiple clients on the ClearVoice platform, producing content in the home services, home security, and addiction recovery niches.

Company: ClearVoice

I worked there from 8/2017 until now

Content I Write