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Automotive Writer & Wrencher

About Me

A reformed freelance reporter turned automotive enthusiast writer. BA in Journalism, AA in Mass Comm. 

I only accept automotive assignments, as that has been my area of focus for the last 10 years. "Write what you know." I've been a car nerd since Knight Rider, and can speak to the enthusiast with a deep understanding of SCCA, drifting, lifted trucks, power mods, car shows, and many more subcultures. I also speak to the complete newb, with beginner-friendly articles such as how-to change your oil or buy a car at auction. I have first-hand experience diagnosing and replacing starters, timing chains, and water pumps, and upgrading headers and intake manifolds. Let's use that experience to make better content. 

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My Writing Samples

The Biggest Hot Rod Show: Street Rod Nationals

I attended the SW Street Rod Nats for research, took 200+ photos, interviewed organizers, and wrote a popular blog post.


What Can A Car Diagnostic Test Tell You?

This is a piece with complex technology explained for the beginner. I have a solid understanding of the issue, and backed it with my extensive library of technical manuals.


What Is An Engine Misfire?

This article has the most reader engagement on Advance's blog. Tons of comments and questions.


Why Your Next Car Will Be Electric

A bit older, but I like the contentious headline. Multiple interviews, many technical sources were used. RBC still has it posted today because it still has traction.


Interview With Classic Recreations

An average-looking warehouse hides artisans sweating the details on $150,000 classic Mustangs. Interviewed in-person, photography, and the article for SEO.


Tips For Cleaning And Restoring Your Headlights

I like to help, and enjoy writing helpful how-to articles. I had performed this task multiple times before and did it again while writing for accuracy. Words lifted for Say's wonderful infographics.


Advice From A Pro: How Often To Change Your Car's Fluids

Sought out an interview with an experienced car mechanic and leader, translated into an interesting and informative piece for beginners. Great people at Carvana.


How To Fix A Flooded Engine

Technical article, explained in layman's terms. Helpful preventative maintenance is my jam.



Freelance Automotive Content Writer

Blog posts, depth articles, social media, news, and a white paper. Current and past clients include: Advance Auto Parts, CarMax, Bumper.com, Say Insurance, Carvana, Haynes Manuals, Mojo Motors, Jaguar & Volvo (via Jalopnik sponsored content), and more.

Company: Jensen Writing

I worked there from 12/2012 until now

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