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Empowering your vision through the power of language and organization.

About Me

I thrive helping visionaries shine and communicate effectively to their people. Working with early and mid-stage entrepreneurs and founders, small business owners, non-profit executives and authors & artists, I help leaders sculpt their vision into a well-crafted message for internal and external communication.

My skills include developing effective marketing plans, strategic initiatives, brand refinement and communications, and overall digital communication strategy. I excel in content marketing (both planning and execution), as well as business operational management flows and reporting.

Industries I Write About

Real Estate

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Health & Wellness

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Health & Wellness

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My Writing Samples

How to Start an E-Commerce Website

From choosing your website platform and designing your brand, to e-commerce marketing and order fulfillment logistics, this comprehensive guide is a detailed look at building your online business. It features lots of helpful links and tips, as well as resources for ongoing learning.


Reshaping Retail Fulfillment with Robotics (Whitepaper)

Technological advances with drones and robotics have created numerous opportunities for warehouses to reduce overhead costs, improve accuracy and refit operations for peak efficiency. This whitepaper explores how fulfillment centers may utilize a force of human pickers and packagers, mechanized systems for sorting and conveying items, or robots.


Guide to Facility Management

Facility management standards, types of buildings, facility manager roles, skill sets, and facility management trends are all areas covered by this helpful guide. Written for a facility management software company, this writing sample showcases how detailed and informative I can be with somewhat unknown or uncommon topics and industries.


Why You Should Consider Yurts for Vacation Rentals

Whether you’re planning a full vacation resort or just considering an AirBNB option for extra income, yurts offer great revenue potential as vacation rentals. There are other benefits, and those considering using yurts for their vacation rental properties should be aware of the regulations for installing them. This writing sample is an example of more promotional product marketing content, which is informative while also including all of the necessary features to prompt a sale.


How UV Rays Can Damage Skin - Tips for Every Season

Skin protection from the sun and its harmful UV rays is one of the most important steps you can take to both prevent painful and potentially cancer-causing sunburns as well as the early signs of aging. But how do UV rays affect the skin and how can you best protect your skin from UV rays throughout the year? This writing sample shows my ability to discuss a topic that is important to consumers and how the client's products can help protect consumers naturally.


WPF Chart (Product Page)

AtomicusChart® is a WPF Chart from Atomicus that’s intended for analytical applications. It can be reused and integrated into any software that requires high-speed graphics for large volumes of data, including large data. In this writing sample, you can see my ability to understand and produce complex content in a way that helps B2B customers resonate with the applications available with the client's software product.


Ceramic Tile (Industries & Applications Pages)

I curated, researched and produced the content for Why Tile's Industry Pages and Applications Pages, to better inform consumers and construction companies about the benefits and applications for ceramic tile in any industry.


Seattle Neighborhoods (Mortgage & Real Estate)

Over the course of eight weeks, I produced these Seattle neighborhood spotlight pages. They are complete with content to inform potential residents about the pros, cons, and features of neighborhoods where they may be interested in purchasing a home.



Content Marketing Specialist

Built customer journeys and email automation flows from scratch, driving conversions and increasing sales with ActiveCampaign. Supported the successful launch of a new WordPress website (content transfer, editing, design formatting in Elementor, stock photo collection, etc.). Curated and designed content and marketing materials to support B2B partnerships.

Company: Gentreo, Inc.

I worked there from 5/2020 until now

Director of Content Marketing

Content planning, strategy, research & writing for a wide range of industries (lifestyle, B2B & technical). Increased our primary client's website traffic by over 300% by researching and building numerous top-funnel content pieces (long form articles, white papers, & case studies). Directed, trained & supported a team of content writers, and facilitated collaboration with SEO, Social Media, & Website Design teams. Generated content, design and strategy for client email marketing efforts.

Company: Marketeering Group

I worked there from 12/2012 until 10/2019

Content Strategist

Wrote unique product descriptions for hundreds of home decor items to appeal to customers while following SEO principles & strategy.  Managed and curated the company’s marketing content for PureHome.com, its social media channels, and exterior content marketing opportunities.

Company: Pure Home Corporation

I worked there from 9/2010 until 12/2012

Freelance Writer

Researched and curated content for industry-specific websites (Real Estate, RV Travel, Health, Mortgage Loans, Weddings, Photography). Crafting customer journeys and conversion campaigns through email marketing (Hubspot, ActiveCampaign), incorporating automation flows to generate ongoing conversions. Researched & interviewed Seattle-area authors (over 200), created SeattleWrote.com features. Pitched, researched & wrote articles for local media: Seattlepi.com, Seattleite.com, Queen Anne News.

Company: Varied

I worked there from 8/2010 until now

Content I Write