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Michelle is an engaging and educational writer with outstanding analytical and research skills. Additionally, she has over five years of experience doing technical writing. She has a portfolio here.

Her software testing, quality assurance, library, and information science backgrounds add to her communication of data and information management topics. The following publications have featured her work:

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Case Study: JTC Grows its Cloud Services Core through Trust and Teamwork

Trust, teamwork, and technology form the core of Jewell Technical Consulting, Inc. (JTC) and its partnership with Leaseweb USA, a leading hosting and cloud services company whose offerings include Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solutions. JTC, a company providing private cloud services to North Virginia and D.C. metro businesses, was originally utilizing another hosting facility 20 miles way from its Manassas, Virginia headquarters.


Trends in Data Management 2019

In today’s fast-paced business environment, more and more organizations are looking to become data-driven, and with this comes a renewed interest in Data Management. In such dynamic times, Data Management becomes increasingly important both in “offense” mode – while driving business success and growth – and in “defense” mode – while protecting organizations against risk.


What is a Business Glossary

A Business Glossary differs from a Data Dictionary in that its focal point, Data Governance, goes beyond a Data Warehouse or database. A Business Glossary is a means of sharing internal vocabulary within an organization.


Business Glossary Basics

Enterprises continue to grow and so does data environment complexity, including data terminology both internal and external to a particular enterprise. Consider a firm that builds computer chips for new devices. Each project may have its own Database System and Data Dictionary. Yet engineers, management, accountants, and customers need to speak the same language to understand one another. A Data or Business Glossary solves this complexity, by referencing vocabulary needed to run the company.


Databases vs. Hadoop vs. Cloud Storage

How can an organization thrive in the 2020s, a changing and confusing time with significant Data Management demands and platform options such as data warehouses, Hadoop, and the cloud? Trying to save money by bandaging and using the same old Data Architecture ends up pushing data uphill, making it harder to use. Rethinking data usage, storage, and computation is a necessary step to get data back under control and in the best technical environments to move business and data strategies forward


Database Management Trends in 2020

In 2020, database management will be a mosaic of old and new technologies. Many people have already implemented relational databases or data warehouses — 86.55 percent — according to the recent DATAVERSITY® Trends in Data Management Report. It will not be hard to see why data warehouses will continue heavy usage in 2020. They integrate transactional and operational data and provide valuable business intelligence (BI) through reporting and analytics.


Demystifying Master Data Management

Thomas Edison may have understood the importance of Master Data Management before the term was formally coined. He said, “The value of an idea lies in the using of it.” While ideas in the early 20th century relied on thoughts and things, ideas in this information age depend on data.


The Importance of Data Literacy

Walk into a company embracing digital transformation and you’ll find monitors displaying colorful charts and pie graphs decorated with numbers. These dashboards show information about the business meant to assist employees in prioritizing work, seeing new opportunities, and driving efficiency.


Advances in Natural Language Processing

atural Language Processing (NLP) unlocks the ability of machines to read text, hear speech, and interpret words, and NLP has advanced greatly in the last five years. NLP improves data analytics, detects malware, and fights fake news. For example, using NLP the Citation-Informed Estimated Truth (CIET) software program identifies authentic news with a 78 percent to 85 percent improvement over the Make News Credible Again (MNCA) Machine Learning algorithm.


Complete Writing Portfolio

Find books, articles, white paper and copy writing samples.


Guide to Master Data Management

Master Data Management (MDM) represents an enterprise’s critical component. MDM lets you become more agile as an organization and better use new digital technologies when done right. MDM: • Reduces transaction costs • Allows for better system integration • Simplifies data structures Also, MDM gives you an eagle’s eye view of your customers, products, or logistics. Learn more about MDM and its role in an organization. Find out how MDM fits into enterprise data management and data management. Ge


5 data cleansing steps

This article covers what is data cleansing, why it is needed, what are its best practices, and the 5 steps to clean your data.


Case Study: Nearmap Advances AI-driven Location Intelligence

If a picture is worth a thousand words but still missing valuable location data, why not use artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to fill the gaps? This article tells more


Master Data Management vs Metadata Management

Businesses rely on knowing their data to survive and grow. Metadata management and master data management (MDM) provide essential processes for organizations to gain this knowledge and succeed. As a result, both need to be managed well. However, the differences and intersections between metadata management vs. master data management are often complicated to disentangle for many enterprises seeking to better leverage and govern their extensive data assets.


Data Literacy Training for Data Engineers

Organizations must empower data engineers to share their Data Literacy strengths with non-technical businesspeople while advancing the data engineers’ Data Literacy through this collaboration. By addressing this organizational Data Literacy imbalance, data engineers will have an expanded toolset applying organizational Data Literacy.


Exploring the Cost of Dirty Data in Banking

What is dirty data in banking? Where does it come from? Why do good people make poor decisions with dirty data in banking? Read this article to learn more.


An Introduction to Data Lakes

This article will introduce the data lake, its management, plusses, and minuses to understand and apply this valuable tool well.


The Importance Of Real-Time Data Accuracy in Your Business

Getting accurate real-time data is essential to business. It requires identifying patterns using metadata, grouping this information through metadata files, and ensuring metadata accuracy through a metadata management framework.


Top Seven Things to Know When Working With A Technical Recruiter

Partnering with a technical recruiter gives you confidence that you will hire the best IT expert available that you need.


Top Technologies Driving Portland Companies to Hire



Best Practices for Social Media Screening of Job Recruits

Cynthia Woods, Vice President of Marketing at AccuSourceHR, shares her twenty-year expertise so readers can understand where potential risk lurks and how to mitigate it in developing a social media screening program tailor-made for your organizational needs. In addition, she explains why social media screening's role has gained importance and provides best practice recommendations. Read an interview that describes more.



Freelance Article Writer

• Wrote white paper Trends in Data Management Report in September 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2023. • Wrote book, What Is…? A Data Literacy Reference Guide. • Wrote, researched, and verified top articles, including: o Data Architecture Trends in 2024 o Data Quality vs. Data Enrichment o How Generative AI Will Transform Business o Data Lineage Demystified • Wrote over 100 articles and glossary definitions


I worked there from 11/2016 until now

Freelance Writer for RadarFirst

• Creating slide decks to simplify cyber incident reporting to the federal government based on the 2023 Department of Homeland Guidelines • Developed a comprehensive guide that details a privacy reporting maturity framework in stages

Company: Radar First

I worked there from 12/2022 until 1/2024

Freelance Writer for StoryTeller Media

• Interviewed a subject matter expert and wrote Best Practices for Social Media Screening of Job Recruits • Wrote 2-3 blogs on background checks for employees and job candidates. Topics included social media, replacement costs, and Fair Chance hiring • Updated 8 blogs on employee background checks

Company: StoryTeller Media

I worked there from 11/2022 until 1/2023

Big Data Technical Writing

• Wrote documentation to get started using a service that signaled other Big Data products • Mentored a technical writing intern to develop a product website • Created and updated content in five different Confluence sites • Edited and updated over five user guides • Worked with engineers and project managers to clarify technical and operational aspects of their services for documentation • Identified critical discrepancies in Big Data applications • Created a glossary for an internal engineerin

Company: Apple (through Intellisys)

I worked there from 8/2021 until 9/2022

Freelance Writer

• Wrote an article about the top 10 technology trends in Portland Oregon • Wrote Top Seven Things to Know When Working with A Technical Recruiter

Company: Catapult Recruiting

I worked there from 3/2021 until 8/2021

Freelance Writer

• Wrote articles on data governance, data literacy, and metadata management

Company: Knowledge Owl

I worked there from 11/2020 until 8/2021

Freelance Writer

• Wrote Exploring The Cost of Dirty Data in Banking for World Financial Review, An Introduction to Data Lakes for IT Chronicles, and The Importance of Real-Time Data Accuracy in Your Business as part of a marketing campaign to draw readership to WinPure • Wrote several top articles on improving data quality, data cleansing, and using fuzzy matching, including: o How to Test Data Quality: A Checklist o 10 Benefits of Master Data Management

Company: WinPure

I worked there from 11/2020 until 7/2021

Freelance Writer for Biamp

• Wrote instructions to install certificate authority to use a web interface managing a sound device • Wrote a 700-word document with the lead developer, instructing how to check in code using Microsoft Team Foundational Server (TFS).

Company: Biamp

I worked there from 1/2021 until 4/2021

Freelance Writer

* Wrote 850-word blog post "Understanding Data Criticality to Cover Cybersecurity and Operations."

Company: Guardiance Inc., through nDash

I worked there from 9/2020 until 10/2020

Freelance Technical Writer

* Wrote copy to sell four or five study Cybrary kits used to upgrade cybersecurity skills and prepare for certification. * Ran labs setting up git with Microsoft Azure for Web API development. * Wrote 500-600 word virtual lab descriptions about server security, cloud accessibility, cryptography, risk management, and networking tools for information technology professionals who wish to learn and upgrade their skills.

Company: Self employed

I worked there from 4/2020 until 7/2020

Freelance Technical Writer for Cybrary

• Wrote up to 500-600-word virtual lab descriptions about server security, cloud accessibility, cryptography, risk management, and networking tools for information technology professionals interested in upgrading their skills • Ran labs setting up Git with Microsoft Azure for Web API development • Copywrote four to five study kit descriptions about information security

Company: Cybrary

I worked there from 4/2020 until 7/2020

Freelance Production Assistant at DATAVERSITY

• Published about fifteen WordPress articles and blogs about data management • Used HTML to update Word Press tags. • Wrote an email copy to sell participation in a conference. • Wrote a forum post for the International Privacy Day campaign. • Created and prepared over 20 blog posts and contributor pages per week, in WordPress.

Company: Self-employed

I worked there from 10/2019 until 6/2020

Capture Center Specialist

* Wrote technical requirements for bill processing. * Processed HCFA documentation and perform quality control so that a health insurance client's system application would accept them. * Wrote 3 or 4 user guides for a support utility. * Typed data from digital images and audited form data over 90% speed and accuracy. * Categorized and corrected captured medical bills according to business rules. * Analyzed anomalies to determine appropriate course of action in categorizing records.

Company: Symbeo, formerly Scan One

I worked there from 2/2016 until 8/2019

Export Documentation Coordinator

• Requested and received all documents related to shipments for three different customer accounts. • Wrote at least eight invoices and packing lists describing amount of cargo, financial terms, and cost. • Created training documentation on observed processes to create and prepare documentation. • Prepared export documentation, including invoices and files, on non-routed transactions. • Produced bills of lading for steamship liners to instruct on the types and amounts of cargo to lo

Company: A.C. Wilson Company, LLC

I worked there from 8/2015 until 10/2015

Retirement Counselor

• Doubled efficiency of processing retirement accounts from 9 to 16 accounts in 1 month. • Increased efficiency of processing retirement accounts from 16 to 20 accounts in 1 week. • Verified retirement credentials of Oregon employees. • Wrote effectively to 5-10 employers about the fiscal impact of retirement qualifications in the state of Oregon. • Worked well in a team of 5 people to review, process, and verify retirement accounts. • Used attention to detail in auditing and peer-reviewing

Company: DePaul Industries - Contractor at PERS, State of Oregon

I worked there from 2/2015 until 6/2015

Data Technician

* Entered and maintained an Excel spreadsheet containing transit stops and times for import. * Updated transit mapping data so that two to three bus routes matched. * Inputted map coordinates corresponding to stops onto Microsoft Excel. * Entered time schedules and frequencies of bus routes into GTFS Manager. * Identified stop duplicates. *Used online screen share.

Company: Trillium Solutions

I worked there from 8/2014 until 9/2014

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