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Copy Writer and Word Wrangler

About Me

I’m a Creative Writer who is passionate about helping businesses and organisations share stories that authentically connect with their audiences. I write articles, blog posts, brand stories, tag lines, brand pillars, digital ads, social media posts and…practically anything you can think of. I’ve worked in publishing, marketing and social media for educational organisations, government departments, digital agencies and private businesses. 

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Health & Wellness




My Writing Samples

3 Ways to Monetize Your Boat

Owning and operating a boat can be expensive. We probably don’t have to tell you about the list of things you can spend your money on to keep your boat afloat and running at her best.


10 Steps to Prepare Your Boat for a Hurricane

With Hurricane Dorian's development into a major storm, we wanted to send out a quick reminder to boat owners about ensuring their boat's safety during extreme weather events. Here are some best practices to consider when preparing for a hurricane:


How to Work with a Furniture Designer

Custom-made furniture can bring a seamless blend of style and comfort to your home, through attention to detail and quality that can’t be matched. When creating custom furniture, the relationship between client and designer is key. Like any project, understanding the process of designing and building your dream piece can create a smoother path forward.


How to Choose Suppliers That Prioritize Value in their Products

When it comes to picking products for your home building project, most purchasing decisions boil down to two factors: prioritizing quality or prioritizing price.


Reduce No Shows With These Automated Strategies

Of all the things healthcare providers have to deal with, no shows are high on the list of frustrations. Waiting on patients not only disrupts the flow of your practice, but can also result in losses of revenue. After all, for every missed appointment, there are dozens of other patients that would have liked to be seen that day. No shows can be particularly frustrating because practices feel they can’t control whether their patients show up or not. While that might be true to a degree there are


Chronic Illness Patients Need Your Care Now More Than Ever

COVID-19 has put a strain on health systems the world over. A new concern over the health of “non-essential” chronic patients is looming. While many healthcare providers have seen a spike in telehealth visits, the number of visits from patients suffering from chronic illnesses has dropped dramatically.


Reduce Claim Denials with a Proactive Approach to Eligibility Checks

Eligibility reports are a vital step in keeping healthcare practices profitable. Having a streamlined eligibility process will save your practice time and money, reduce the number of claim denials, and increase office productivity. With a thorough insurance eligibility verification process, your office can ensure that from the moment a patient makes an appointment, they are setting each claim up for success.



Copy Manager

As Copy Manager, I work to develop content for our clients that position them as industry thought leaders. I develop content for a range of mediums, including long-form pieces such as blogs and eBooks, to emails, social media posts and landing pages that are designed to capture the readers' attention. I manage our team of contractors, write briefs, brainstorm and pitch original content ideas. I write creative copy for our discovery process for new clients and present these ideas to our clients.

Company: Figmints Digital Agency

I worked there from 4/2019 until 11/2019

Freelance Copy Writer

Freelance copy writer with a focus on value-adding marketing materials including ebooks, blog posts, social media posts, digital ads and landing page copy, designed to position your company and employees as thought leaders in their space.

Company: Self Employed

I worked there from 11/2019 until now

Social Media Advisor

Responsible for daily social media posts across the DOC channels including the Conservation Blog, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram channels. Writing, editing and curating content that promotes conservation and the values of the DOC.

Company: Department of Conservation (NZ Government)

I worked there from 4/2018 until 11/2018

Content and Social Media Specialist

Writing blog posts and social media posts on racing and event-related content for The Races website, facebook, Instagram and twitter accounts. Implementing facebook and digital advertising, writing and publishing monthly e-newsletters the promote The Races and affiliated race tracks and events.

Company: The Races

I worked there from 10/2017 until 4/2018

Media Coordinator

Writing for School-related articled, flyers, advertisements, brochures, website and social media. Writing press releases and seeking media opportunities, maintaining and developing relationships with local press. Management of School Website and social media. Assisting with creation of new website, including planning, collating, editing, writing,

Company: Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School

I worked there from 1/2013 until 12/2016

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