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Ph.D. | Ex-CTO | Business and technology explained in plain English

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Science & Medicine

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How to Get Your First Writing Job on Upwork

A guide to rising above the crowd and landing a freelance writing gig on Upwork – the most popular freelancing website.


Vudu Brand Page

A detailed breakdown of the Vudu streaming service


What It Takes to Be an Entrepreneur

The most important character traits one needs in order to succeed as an entrepreneur.


5 Best Programming Languages for Kids

A guide to choosing a first programming language for children. This piece was intended for the parents of both younger (8+) and high-school-aged children


Storytelling: Mastering the Most Powerful Career-Boosting Skill

Tips and best practices for improving your storytelling abilities.


How Can You Become a Freelance Data Scientist?

A detailed guide to getting started on a freelance data science career.


Disney+ vs Hulu

A comparison of two streaming services: Disney+ and Hulu.


Disney+ vs Vudu

A comparison of two streamign services: Disney+ and Vudu.


Hulu vs FuboTV

A comparison of two streaming services: Hulu and FuboTV.


Ideas Are Worthless: Crucial Lessons From Experience With a Failed Startup

A personal piece with important takeaways: lessons learned from my failed startup.


Redbox Brand Page

A detailed breakdown of the Redbox streaming service




* Designed full-stack SaaS application and supporting frameworks * Managed contractors building web application * Conducted interviews to validate product * Brought company to $300K pre-seed round and multiple paid beta clients

Company: 6C Solutions

I worked there from 8/2019 until 7/2020

Data Scientist

* Managed analytics team * Designed and implemented data infrastructure and reporting solutions * Consulted on data models and architecture for API team

Company: VacayHome Connect

I worked there from 10/2018 until 8/2019

Senior Data Scientist

* Designed and implemented (in Spark) profiles based on anonymized online and offline data, connecting attributes to PII-free identifiers * Built a generalized Spark library based on the above project for simplified future enhancements and expansion of the methodology to other projects * Studied and suggested use cases for anonymized GPS data * Proposed a set of common code libraries for my division * Led a team in designing and building the above libraries

Company: Conversant Media

I worked there from 5/2016 until 9/2018

Freelance Writer / Founder

Company: Zak Kann, LLC

I worked there from 7/2020 until now

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