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Copywriter and Content Strategist

About Me

I have experience writing a wide range of content from social media copy to long-form pieces, as well as copy writing and copy editing for digital and print collateral (website, recruitment brochures, capital campaign booklet, and more). I take a "whole package" approach to my work, drawing from my journalism and social science background to conceptualize projects that help organizations and brands tell their story.

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My Writing Samples

Marketing Collateral: Uncommon Schools Career Booklet

This is a career booklet created for Uncommon's Recruitment team. I wrote and revised copy based on a variety of available resources, and provided guidance on information layout to attract job candidates.


Marketing Collateral: Uncommon Schools Teacher Career Brochure

This is a brochure that specifically highlights teaching at Uncommon Schools. It was made for the Recruitment team, to be used for teaching candidates. I wrote and revised the copy, and provided guidance on information layout.


Blog Post: Lara Golesorkhi addresses discrimination against Muslim women in employment

This is a student profile piece written for NSSR's Social Research Matters website. It highlights Laura's work on employment discrimination by Muslim women in Germany, and her proposed program to address workforce policies that make it easy for employers to discriminate against Muslim women.


Blog Article: How Cities Are Using Strategic Design to Facilitate Mental Health

This piece was written for ART Publika's "Art of City Planning" issue. My focus was urban design and its effect on public health.


Blog Article: 'Best Practice' Policies Focus on Preventing Student-Athlete Deaths

This is but one of many youth athlete and health-related blog posts I wrote for Education Week's Schooled in Sports blog. It highlights best practices that schools in the U.S. can adopt to minimize and avoid youth athlete-related deaths.



Content Strategist

I provide strategic support and social media management to build nXu's online presence. The core piece of this work is to build and manage the organization's social media accounts to create brand awareness and build brand affinity on the concept of purpose development with life success among youth and adults.

Company: nXu Education

I worked there from 3/2020 until now

Associate Director, Social Media and Marketing Content

I create content and strategic campaigns for Uncommon's online branding, including its regional network affiliates in New Jersey, New York State, and Massachusetts. I manage and create content for the organization's social media presence while providing guidance to network accounts, and oversee website copy and external email newsletters, to build organizational brand awareness online, and build affinity between Uncommon Schools and its regional network brands.

Company: Uncommon Schools

I worked there from 7/2018 until now

Graduate Student Assistant

I conceived of storytelling structures for a new website aimed at reporting and profiling NSSR staff and Ph.D. students and their research projects. My goal was to establish NSSR as its own branded entity that was separate -- yet part of -- the New School proper, and to provide stakeholders and prospective students with insight into the type of research being done at the university.

Company: New School for Social Research

I worked there from 10/2014 until 6/2016

Social Media Manager; Contributing Writer

I held various roles while at Education Week, but my work can be summed into three key components: - streamlining digital production processes for our print editions; - writing content for and managing Education Week's social media accounts; - and contributing blog posts and articles for EW's inhouse blogs and weekly editions. My contributed articles have been primarily in the topics of school discipline and health.

Company: Education Week

I worked there from 3/2012 until 2/2016

Content I Write