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Freelance Copywriter

About Me

Am I a bit new to the world of freelancing? Compared to some, yes. However, I am no less professional, motivated, or 'life' experienced and bring all of this to the table.

 I have been writing content for four years now, the vast majority for Gannet and Grateful Ventures prior to the websites being shut down. I provide freelance services through other sites and have worked with Elite Editing on numerous projects. I have written a large variety of content ranging from articles on food to holidays to marriage communication techniques to how to be more environmentally conscious. I have also ghost-written blog posts for a catering service, tattoo artist, and ski and snowboard fanatic, along with newsletters for private schools. 

I graduated first with a bachelor's in Political Science and an associate's in Journalism, followed by a Multiple Subject Teaching Credential and finishing with a master's in Curriculum and Instruction. 

I was an elementary school teacher for 17 years and will always think of myself as an educator. I bring my passion for teaching to my writing in that I strive to inspire, educate, and sometimes, entertain. I am a forever learner and thrive on writing both on topics I am familiar with and those I am not, as it serves as an opportunity to educate myself as I prepare content.

 Fitness and healthy living have long been a passion of mine and I recently became a certified personal trainer and hope to inspire others to live their best life. 

Along with the writing samples I've included in my profile, my portfolio can be found at https://www.clippings.me/users/lblevins .

I am always eager to discuss projects and get the details to ensure quality content. 

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Health & Wellness

My Writing Samples

The best places to buy CBD snacks online

This was an article for Grateful Ventures with the goal of educating individuals as to how to safely purchase CBD supplies online.


How I use my breath to overcome the pain and trauma of childhood wounds

This was a personal piece I wrote for Elephant Journal that was chosen as an Editor's pick and for which I was paid.


How to support veteran's on the 4th of July

This was a piece I wrote for the makeitgrateful.com site with advice as to how to support the veterans in our communities during the 4th of July celebrations.


7 Alternative Flours

This was a piece that I began working on for Grateful Ventures but the site was shut down before it was ever posted on the site so I self-posted on Elephant Journal.


Meaningful ways to honor your mom's memory on Mother's Day

This was a piece written for Grateful Ventures involving my own personal experience in remembering my mom each Mother's Day.




Through this website, I have written for a variety of clients, including private school newsletters and ghost-writing blog posts.

Company: Upworks

I worked there from 5/2020 until now

Content Writer

I wrote copy for two websites: makeitgrateful.com and Thanksgiving.com on a variety of topics.

Company: Grateful Ventures

I worked there from 9/2017 until 12/2019


Over the course of 17 years, I taught all grades from Kindergarten to 6th grade; Title 1 Reading Intervention Teacher; wrote district-wide curriculum.

Company: Three different school districts

I worked there from 7/2000 until 6/2019

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