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Shigim Yusof


Freelance Writer for Hire, Proofreader, and Editor

About Me

Looking to introduce your brand with fresh and distinctive content?
Looking to increase conversion with hard-hitting targeted ads and email marketing?
Look no further, I am right here!

I love the challenge of making Technology content fun, relatable, and identifiable to the masses.

My previous background as an IT professional working at multinational companies has helped bring depth and nuance to my writing. I had worked alongside big companies and SMEs to understand their pain points and recommend the best solutions that ultimately support their Digital journey.

As a freelancer in the writing realm, I can identify with entrepreneurs who are just starting out as I had been in the same boat. And for existing businesses, I can recognize the importance to enhance your staying power, because I am in the same process too.

Drawing my experience from both worlds, not only will you get a writer, but also a business partner who strives to understand your needs and deliver high-quality writing, to secure your business success.

Check out my website now to view my blog posts and portfolios! Let's connect!

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My Writing Samples

The Journey to Digital: Transformation, Strategy, and Whatnots

Find out what it means to be on a Digital Journey as a company, as I had been on both sides – in a company that wanted to go Digital and a company that sells Digital.


Mirroring Brick-and-Mortar for Online Customer Experience that Converts

Do you feel that your online customer experience is not generating more leads and increased conversion? As today’s customers have higher expectations in terms of service, interaction, and overall experience, it’s worth examining the customer experience from brick-and-mortar stores.


Technology: Senior citizens’ faithful companion

Could it be it’s the senior citizens who are misunderstood in this Digital Age?


Collaborator: Rise of the Cobots

The roles of robots in our lives are incredibly hyped up, thanks to the portrayal by Hollywood movies – Terminator franchise, The Bicentennial Man, etc. Enter – COBOTS. Find out exactly how cobots function alongside people with real-world examples (not the Hollywood-kind of examples!)


The Life-Saving Role of IoT in Healthcare

Is it really far-fetched to say that you can save people’s lives through Internet of Things (IoT)? This article explores how IoT drones can be used to save people's lives in emergency situations.



Freelancer in English Writing, Proofreading, and Editing

✅ Partner with businesses to increase their brand awareness and visibility by producing fresh, compelling and optimized writing content that triggers audience to take action. Works have been published on The Next Tech and Imperfectly Perfect Mama. ✅ Possess skills in developing websites using Wordpress to add value in business partnership. Had developed own website using Wordpress. ✅ Consult and assist academics in publishing their papers through proofreading and editing services.


I worked there from 9/2018 until now

Presales Customer Solution Manager

✅ Worked closely with companies to help them embrace Industry 4.0 and realize their aspirations in Digital Transformation.

Company: SAP

I worked there from 10/2016 until 7/2018

Various roles in Project Management and Software Development

Company: Shell

I worked there from 11/2007 until 9/2016

Content I Write