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An enthusiastic freelancer and passion for serving my clients the best. reliable and trustworthy. Fastest work completion. A software engineer but an expert in writing profession too. Blogging, copy typing, content writing etc are my passion .

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Perfection is a myth

We want everything perfect right? we don't like spots, marks, patches,smears. We desire for clearance, regularity, evenness though. why? What an irony, In spite of hating marks we love infants/new borns. This is just an example, there are million such ironies present out there proving that each beauty blooms out of that sanity which we hate. Why we overlook each time the pain behind those scars. Why we forget the battles they fight to prove themselves innocent and imploring for love.


Self worth

Whenever you step ahead to stitch someone else's wounds, firstly make sure that you offer the hands filled with hopes to your own self, regardless of all the daily battles our soul survives through and gets shattered every time. In this situation be that flame of uphold for yourself . Simply don't go with the flow to avoid potential conflicts, you will eventually land up destroying the self worth. Instead of manipulating your shadow for the world try to work on the transparency of your soul.



Content writing

I was an intern here in content writing.

Company: Blue shades

I worked there from 5/2019 until 3/2020

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