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Henry Cesari


Creating quality automotive content to grow your audience and reputation.

About Me

I am not only a writer, but I have worked on countless different vehicles. I am passionate about enabling new automotive enthusiasts to maintain and work on their cars. I love creating articles, blog posts, and other content in the form of how-tos and product reviews for hobbyists. I craft well-researched, high-quality content that will grow your audience and solidify the reputation you have worked hard to build.

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My Writing Samples

Do You Need Tires?

In this guest blog post I outline the ways tires wear out and how the reader can know when they need new tires.


Why My Project Car is Perfect (For Me)

In this writing sample, I discuss why the perfect project car is simple, inexpensive, and fun.


A Hack to Tell If You Need Tires: And 5 Tricks to Save Money When You Do

In this piece I not only explain how to tell if tire tread is unsafe, but I list five ways the reader can save money when buying new tires.




I specialize in articles and blog posts that are how-tos and product reviews for automotive enthusiasts who want to work on their own cars. I also have experience in journalism, advertising copy, and case studies.

Company: Freelance

I worked there from /2015 until now

Staff Reference Manager

I wrote B2B case studies based on customer interviews for many SaaS and technology companies.

Company: Referential

I worked there from 11/2015 until 12/2016

Content I Write