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Learning new things everyday

About Me

I am a freelance writer who provides content marketing solutions in a broad range of industries, from health and fitness, green living, sustainability, small business marketing, and SEO.

I work with small and medium businesses and agencies to create content that does exactly what my client requires. Whether it's a click, new signup, or a purchase, my content helps visitors take action.

I use the blog posts, articles, press releases, whitepapers that I create to help clients achieve excellent marketing targets.

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Health & Wellness



Law & Politics

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What Is EHR Optimization

After the passage of the HITECH Act, Meaningful Use caused a boom in the EHR & EMR market. Many groups rushed their implementation to accommodate regulatory program criteria. By 2017, approximately 80% of office-based physicians reported adopting a Certified EHR. Now that many groups are well in to MIPS participation, focusing on provider satisfaction, reducing physician burnout, and EHR optimization are vital to leading a successful physician organization. How Does EHR Optimization Work?


Top 5 Mobile Application Performance Monitoring Tools

Your app is done and the client is ready to launch! Everything looks great. But how can you ensure that you will achieve your SLA for uptime? How are you tracking revenue growth (& optimizing)? Do you know how many users you have, and what they’re doing at any given moment in the app? What you need is a monitoring platform that will be able to track these different types of data in one place.


10 Reasons Why Technology Is Ruining Our Lives

Technology is going to let you down. It's a fact. It’s only a matter of time before technology takes over the world, and you become obsolete - whether they take over our jobs, make us lazy or unhealthy, or gain intelligence to wipe out the human race. Don’t let this happen to you! Take control of your life. It's not too late to save yourselves! Here are 10 reasons why technology is ruining our lives.



Freelance Copywriter

With my seven years of experience, I deliver top notch marketing copies to my clients.

Company: ProBlogger

I worked there from 3/2016 until now

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