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Connecting Consumers via Creative Content

About Me

 A wide-range of interests provoke me to be a renaissance man of sorts.

People are important to every industry and every niche. I love business and I love people. I seek to succeed in connecting the two.  
I take pride in communicating a complex message simply and as evoking as possible. I seek to determine who the audience is and what they need and connect them to it.  My venture into copy and marketing is about that; holistically building better brands.  Better brands build better people.

I am intuitive, ambitious, self-aware, respectful, professional, and loyal.

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Individual Therapy Program

You’re looking for therapy, and we know that it is not an easy process. Many programs offer their clients promises without acknowledging your situation might be different than other clients’. At ***** Recovery Center, we’re fully aware that recovery programs are not “one size fits all.” You might not feel comfortable in group therapy. Our Individual Therapy Program in Las Vegas assures that you are heard and supported. Your life, your background, and your future are important to our ....


Handy Hank's

Handy Hank Home Repairs Polly’s handyman husband passed away three years ago. Ever since she has lived with a leaky shower, knowing her fixed income wouldn’t go far, she saved up and called the company from the commercial. They left her with a quote that well-exceeded her savings. At church the next week, a friend suggested she call Handy Hank. She did, and one of Hank’s Project Managers visited her quickly...




Freelance Marketing venture Specializing in building a brand image by crafting better content.

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