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Writer of Engaging Blog Posts and Articles as well as Informative Buying Guides

About Me


I am a freelance writer with over ten years of experience. My areas of interest include comics, retro video games, and technology. I have written about all of these things and many others ranging from long-form articles about politics to buying guides about camping equipment.


My writing career started at my local newspaper while studying Journalism in college. Music and local news were the main focus of my writing but then my life took an unexpected turn.

After becoming the proud father of a beautiful baby girl in 2008, I mainly engaged in writing for pleasure. Though I only wrote sporadically during those first years of fatherhood, I started to more seriously dedicate myself to the craft in 2015. That is when I started my novel, which I am still finalizing. In 2016 I set up a website and started writing more frequently. Since then I have written for Vocal and GoCollect, and also on my personal blog.


Adaptability is the key word I like to use when describing myself as a writer. I love to learn about new things, so research and new topics are exciting for me. Whether it's coffee, camping, or comics, I enjoy putting together articles about a variety of topics.

Industries I Write About

Law & Politics



Science & Medicine

My Writing Samples

The Ultimate Guide to Selling Comics on Ebay

A thorough guide on how to get started as a seller of comics on Ebay. It covers everything from scouting potential investments to shipping.


Great Growth! Urban Gardening Around the World

Urban gardening happens in all sorts of ways, all around the world. Here's a look at unique examples in London, Singapore, and Detroit.


Lake Superior Circle Tour

The 1300 mile Lake Superior Circle Tour boasts beautiful beaches, rustic camping, and Yooperlite. I wrote about it for Detour.


Sci-Fi Books that Changed the Genre Forever

A top ten list of Science Fiction books that helped shape the genre as we now see it.


Top Ten Feuds in the Marvel Universe

A top ten of the best feuds in the Marvel Comic Universe.


How To Make Coffee While Camping

An informative buying guide on all things related to making coffee while camping.


How To Pick Out The Best Camping Toilet

An in-depth guide on the best camping toilets available for when you get into the great outdoors.


How to Turn Your Passion Into a Side Gig

A blog post about taking your hobby or passion and turning it into a side hustle.


7 Days to Change Your Ways: Becoming a Freelance Writer

A long form article outlining my plan to acquire more freelance writing work.


Best Vacation Spots in the Solar System

A fun article about exotic spots in the solar system that would be cool to visit.


Benefits of Ranked Choice Voting

A introductory blog post about ranked choice voting and how it works.


Stephen Malkmus Wants Your to Sparkle Hard

An album review of Stephen Malmus and the Jicks fantastic 2018 album "Sparkle Hard".


Trampoline Buyers Guide

A comprehensive guide on things to consider when picking out a trampoline and reviews of multiple trampolines.


3 Things I learned about Blogging from Failure

A blog post about learning from failure when trying to start out as a blog writer.


Small Solar Farms are the Future

A look at how small farmers can earn stable money while helping save the planet.



Freelance Writer

As an individual freelance writer, I have written about a plethora of topics in a variety of styles. Whether it's an informative buying guide about camping toilets or a long form article on how to sell comics on eBay, I am adaptable. My most covered topics would be comics, politics, and retro video games.

Company: Carriveau Writing

I worked there from 4/2007 until now


Working as the corporate Archivist has taught me a great deal about organization and digital content management. I have done everything from scanning documents to archival management. During my time at my job, I have successfully navigated two FDA audits and several sub-audits, and recently structured and moved the entire Archive.

Company: Ortho-Molecular Products

I worked there from 8/2014 until now

Transfer Manager

This job was a crash course in inventory and employee management. I was in charge of the inventory flow from a central distribution center to eight store locations. While doing so, I had to coordinate the workflow of 12 employees.

Company: Furniture and ApplianceMart

I worked there from 4/2008 until 8/2014

Content I Write