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Angela Johnson


About Me

I am here to support life sciences businesses, where quality, expertise, and relating to doctors and patients matters most. I have worked for over 20 years in developing expert content for medtech, biotech, and pharmaceutical industries (and yes, that includes you nutraceuticals!). I know how to target your message for key clinical KOLs, or keep your message simple and on target to reach patients.

I spent over 15 years in Fortune 50 firms, in both writing and management groups. I have worked with exciting products like gene therapy and medical devices, and even supplements and wellness products that make day-to-day life so much better. And let's not forget wearables and the internet of things (IoT) in health care.

I look forward to helping you bring your products to life, by designing communications that reach your most important customers.

Looking forward to working with you!

Angela Johnson, MSE, PMP, RAC

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