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Kimberly Forsythe


Futurist at heart

About Me

I'm just a Professional Collector of Experiences! :) 

Fascinated with every facet of the future of technology.

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Science & Medicine

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My Writing Samples

8 Career Paths That Sound Like SciFi, But Aren’t

Outlines several jobs that will involve cross-disciplinary skills.


How to Boost Revenue with New Platforms

How businesses can incorporate new platforms to boost revenue


Universal Basic Means of Production: Can It Make UBI Obsolete?

Describes how implementing Universal Basic Means of Production programs can help reduce the need for Universal Basic Income.


What is a Scripting Language?

Describing the basics of scripting languages.


Data as Personal Property: Yang Proposal Falls Short

Discusses the issue of data as personal property and how some politicians want to approach the topic. I offer a different perspective.


Python Project Ideas for Beginners in 2020

A few Python Project ideas for beginners


A Beginner’s Guide to Excellent Email Templates

Building email templates with HTML


How to Become Your Own Life Coach

Tips for taking control of your life by practicing the same tactics life coaches use.


“Credibility Scores”: Should We Amend the 1st Amendment?

Discusses issues surrounding media, politicians, and the first amendment. Proposes a "credibility score" for media and politicians similar to private citizen credit scores.


Move Over Digital DNA! Here Come Digital Metabolomes.

Discusses research being conducted to encode/decode digital data onto synthetic metabolomes and DNA.


Death by a Thousand Payments: The Danger of a Merchant Cash Advance

A personal perspective on the topic of Merchant Cash Advances.


The Singing Revolution: 2 Million Joined Hands and Sang for Their Freedom

Discusses the Baltic Way and the Singing Revolution.



Freelance Writer

I write for several platforms. Most of my writing experience is as a ghostwriter, but I do receive credit for some projects.

Company: Various Companies

I worked there from 1/2017 until now

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