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Creative Wordsmith

About Me

From the moment I was able to scribble down my first word, I have been in love with writing. Since then, I have worked continuously to further develop and improve my writing. I’ve spent over 20 years exploring the realm of prose, building my writing skills and pushing myself outside of my comfort zone to learn more. 

I received my first paid and contracted writing project straight out of high school when I dipped my toe into “commissioned” writing. From there, I’ve worked professionally as a freelance and ghostwriter. I have written content in just about every imaginable genre and style; I’m fluent in writing anything from poems to articles to eBooks and more. 

More recently I've been contracted to write articles, which is one of my favorite styles of content to write. I have worked on a wide variety of topics, including video games, nutrition, mental health, motherhood, and more. Regardless of my personal interest in an assigned topic, I write as if it's something I love and provide quality work. I always research my topics thoroughly, including fact-checking and sourcing any information I use. I also follow all provided guidelines and requirements on a project, and strictly adhere to deadlines.

Industries I Write About



Health & Wellness

My Writing Samples

[Guide] Dungeons and Dragons Online Classes

A guide breaking down and explaining the different classes for Dungeons and Dragons Online (video game)


D&D Best Cantrips for Every Class

A listicle of the best cantrips for classes in Dungeons and Dragons (tabletop)


Best Sorcerer Spells

Another list, this one for sorcerer spells in Dungeons and Dragons (tabletop)


Top 10 builds for Dungeons and Dragons Online

A ranked listicle for the best classes on Dungeons and Dragons Online (video game)


[Top 25] D&D Best Memes

A ranked listicle of the best memes for Dungeons and Dragons (tabletop)


Can you Freeze Almond Milk

An informative article on freezing almond milk


An introduction to Delayed Grief

A research and informative article exploring what delayed grief is


Want to Surf on a SUP? 7 Tips to do it Right!

How-to article on SUP surfing


Women Gamers: The Struggle is Real

Article exploring how the world of gaming is towards women


I’m Not Lazy: A Mom’s Story of Depression

A sort of editorial article detailing one mom's struggle with depression


5 Secrets Nobody Told Me About Having a Second Child

Insight article about having a second kid


Cyberpunk 2077

Feature article for the release about Cyberpunk 2077


Baldur's Gate 3

Feature article describing details for Baldur's Gate 3


Assassin's Creed Valhala

Feature article sharing all known information and release details for Assassin's Creed Valhala


Watch Dogs

Feature article about game details and release date for Watch Dogs


10 Products Moms Shouldn’t Share (And 10 That Can Be)

Listicle with advice for mom's regarding sharing baby items


20 Facts About Women Who Have A Baby After 50

Listicle describing motherhood after 50


24 Facts About Having A Baby In The NICU

Listicle on what happens when your baby is in the NICU


What Pregnancy Really Looked Like (20 Vintage Pics)

Listicle of vintage pregnancy


20 Things Moms Often Wish They Did Differently

Listicle written with input from moms about their parenting regrets


Raising A Daughter: 20 Moments And How Mom Can Deal With Them

Listicle covering some aspects of rasing a daughter


20 Kids Toys And Products That Were Recently Recalled

Listicle warning of recalled baby products


21 Pregnancy Changes No Woman Thinks She'll Go Through

Listicle exploring what changes a pregnant woman goes through that might not be expected


20 Things Moms Hear Coming Back From Maternity Leave

Listicle of comments a working mom might hear returning to her job


20 Images That Make Everyone Forget Jessica Biel Is A Mom (And One That Reminds Us)

Entertainment Listicle about Jessica Biel


Her List

Romance short story



Paranormal short story




As a part-time contributor, I write gaming articles for the topics I’m assigned. All 5 of my currently published articles are about the Dungeons and Dragons games, but vary in their specific topics and formats

Company: GamersDecide

I worked there from 7/2020 until now

Freelance Writer

Since graduating high school I've written for gigs from dozens of sites such as Craigslist, ProBlogger, Upwork, etc. These gigs and projects have included writing business letters, blog content, eBooks, articles, and more.

Company: Self-Employed

I worked there from 5/2006 until now

Guest Writer

These articles were mostly listicles about kids, parenting, family, etc. The contract was temporary/short-term

Company: Moms

I worked there from 6/2018 until 8/2018

Guest Writer

I was assigned topics on different aspects of life for women. The contract was temporary.

Company: WomanTrue

I worked there from 10/2016 until 10/2016

Content I Write