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Research Consultant and Freelance Writer

About Me

Are you looking for a writer with a solid research background and a taste for light and easy prose? Then look no further. 

An economist by training and Ph.D. in Public Policy, my expertise spans multiple topics such as science and technology, international trade, environmental policies, and yes, also entertainment, with a steady production of book reviews

My academic experience allows me to write highly specialized content, but I usually write for a broad audience. My writing has been featured in multiple publications.

Curious and inquisitive, I am always keen on exploring new topics. So feel free to ping me to discuss new projects!

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Law & Politics




My Writing Samples

Can a Global NGO Make Digital Contact Tracing Work?

To halt the spread of COVID, a global NGO should build an app-based contact tracing system that preserves privacy, competition, and interoperability, while credibly acting in the public interest.


Will the Idea of Vote-by-Mail Survive COVID-19?

Cybersecurity and inclusivity are among the challenges facing a nationwide scale-up of voting by mail.


Science or science fiction? The still-open questions about the #CRISPRtwins story

Associated Press reporter Marilynn Marchione, MIT Technology Review reporter Antonio Regalado, and Kiran Musunuru, an associate professor at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine reflect on the remarkable #CRISPRtwins story.


Globalization Policy (2/2): Winners, Losers, And Solutions

Globalization, in fact, has a side effect: inequality increased in most countries following a decrease in tariffs. This includes both wage inequality between groups of workers and shifts of profits to highly productive firms at the expense of smaller enterprises. What can be done about that?


Globalization Policy (1/2): Is The Negative Narrative Justified?

When all is said and done, we are going to remember 2016 as the year against globalization. Trump surprisingly gained popularity among US voters, the UK Independence Party led Great Britain to exit the EU, and Euro-skepticism is on the rise in Europe. The common blueprint? Strong negative feelings against globalization and the electorate they appeal to.


‘Theft: A History of Music,’ an ode to the public domain

James Boyle and Jennifer Jenkins, both Duke law professors, tell the story of the thin balance between creativity and control in the music industry. In a world where nothing is new under the sun and musicians stand on the shoulders of their predecessors, how do we make sure that artists get rewarded for their products without hampering future musical developments?


The healing power of stories: a review of Patrick Ness’ 'A Monster Calls'

Don’t be fooled by the back cover’s “age 12 and up.” Like most books in the young adult aisle, this is a book for adults in disguise. The novel’s agile and witty prose will make you want to read it cover to cover in one afternoon (and probably cry copiously before you hit the end mark). Resist that temptation: pace yourself. Let the chapters sink in and get to your bones. Appreciate the marvelous illustrations by Jim Kay. His brisk and emotive brushes are an integral part of the book’s artistic


A tale without a moral: a look back at Lily Tuck’s 2004 novel, ‘The News from Paraguay’

Lily Tuck, best known for her book “Siam,” collects their little-known story in the 2004 novel “The News from Paraguay.” After the straining trip from Paris to Asunción, Franco and Ella set up in the capital. While he climbs into his father's seat and starts ruling the country, Ella uses her charm to get accepted as Franco’s courtesan. Their rein is short-lived, though: The war that hits Paraguay in 1864 will wrack the country and their lives.


Conducting Elections During the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic presents major challenges for US elections. Measures necessary to protect the public and prevent the spread of the virus, like shelter-in-place orders, quarantine, and self-isolation, as well as fear of infection will keep many Americans away from polling places. This policy brief collects strategies for states and local officials to ensure the right to vote amid a pandemic.


Data Privacy Legislation: Lessons Learned from Five Proposals

Privacy legislation has been given much attention in the 116th Congress (2019-2020). Multiple bills have been proposed to update the current legal framework that dates back to the late 1990s-early 2000s, a time when social media platforms were still on the rise. Five of these bills are still being discussed in Congress; even if none makes it to the finish line, they can teach a few lessons on the current debate on privacy regulation.



Vice President of Strategic Communications

Curate the communications strategy of a non-profit think tank conducting research on the public health response to the COVID-19 pandemic. My tasks include designing the communication strategy, writing and curating blog posts, developing and monitoring social media communications.

Company: Institute for Technology and Global Health

I worked there from 9/2020 until now

Lead Policy Analyst

Developed and edited content on Emerging Technology and Data Privacy regulation published on Scipol.org.

Company: Duke University

I worked there from 1/ until 7/2020

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