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Technical Content Writer

About Me

A technical content writer with an engineering background and several years of technical experience.

A contributing writer experienced in providing content to multiple publications in software & tech, automotive, and science. Focused on creating clean and compelling content that can enhance understanding and help readers engage with the topic at hand.

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My Writing Samples

iOS Mobile Development Trends

A short piece designed to show a clients experience and expertise in the field of iOS Application development


The Ultimate Guide to Flutter 2021

An article aimed at showing the clients knowledge and experience of framework development


Does Your Phone Know All Of Your Secrets?

A piece aimed at exploring the privacy implications of mobile devices from the technologies used



Junior Test Engineer

Working as a test engineer alongside my university studies. Here, I learnt to write manual and automated tests for Randomization and Trial Supply Management(RTSM) software to verify web-based enterprise systems for managing clinical trials. This role proved invaluable in building practical skills outside of the classroom and in real-world software systems.

Company: HMD Clinical

I worked there from 3/2013 until 6/2015

Software Engineer

Hired to bring mobile application development experience into a software service provider with a rich background in embedded systems and technologies. Here, I worked on mobile application development to create apps on both Android and iOS platforms. The unique technical challenges of the role helped to develop a wide range of skills and abilities as a developer and engineer that have proven invaluable in subsequent projects.

Company: Bitwise

I worked there from 7/2015 until 8/2016

Software Engineer

Primarily involved in creating Android-based tools for IP CCTV engineers to troubleshoot, diagnose, repair, and install on-site equipment.

Company: Veracity

I worked there from 9/2016 until 9/2018

Freelance Content Creator

Creating content and applications to promote tech-focused client businesses.

Company: Freelance

I worked there from 3/2018 until /

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