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B2B Blogger | Web Content Writer | Content Marketing Specialist

About Me

Renata Barton dedicates her content writing expertise and additional freelance B2B services to startups to engage their target audiences and drive sales. She contributes her writing skills to the digital marketing industry, the business industry, and the home improvement industry. 

She minored in technical writing, which sparked her passion for professional writing, and, in July 2021, she received a certification in content marketing. Regarding her experience, she has collaborated with a growing home improvement/cleaning supplies company and an established marketing company. 

Her hunger to become a successful, renowned writer motivates her to continue to help other professionals and strive for progression.


Website: B2B Blogger and Web Content Writer

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My Writing Samples

How to Show off Your Small Business on Instagram

This is a blog post that I wrote for a growing online review company. It details several methods small businesses can use to promote their products and services to gain more customers.


Most Popular Flooring in New Homes

The client requested that I update a post, which wasn't receiving any traction, to a long-form, educational post about the various flooring types.


Best Way to Declutter Your House

I updated this blog post to meet an 8,000-word count quota. It details the importance of home organization and creative ways to avoid clutter.


How to Encourage Your Child to Use the Playground for Fitness

I pitched this content idea to a client on nDash and was hired to write a long-form post about how children can incorporate fitness using safe playground equipment.


5 Reasons Why You Should Use Smart Plugs in Your Home

This is a ghostwritten article I contributed to emphasize why smart plugs are safer than electrical wall sockets and conserve energy within the home.


Top 9 Qualifications a Professional Moving Company Should Have

This is a ghostwritten blog post that lists signs a customer should look for when dealing with professional movers.


Customizing the Exterior Door of Your Entryway

This is a ghostwritten post about entryway door types and designs.


How Do I Start Gaining Points With Citicard

This is ghostwritten website content that provides information and advice about various methods to gain and redeem Citicard points and miles.


How Do I Sign Up for Discover Credit Card?

This web content piece was written for individuals who want to apply for a Discover credit card, but are unaware of what the process entails.



Web Content Writer

GetHuman provides consumer tools for solving customer service problems and offers special services, including maps of company phone systems, shortcuts, call-backs, and professional problem-solvers.

Company: GetHuman

I worked there from 11/2021 until now

Blog Contributor

Orange Marketing helps B2B SaaS and Technology companies grow their business through inbound, outbound and paid marketing and sales techniques.

Company: Orange Marketing

I worked there from 1/2021 until 2/2021

Blog Contributor

Champion Supplies Inc specializes in home improvement and residential cleaning services.

Company: Champion Supplies Inc.

I worked there from 9/2020 until 1/2021

Content I Write