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About Me

I'm a digital marketer, specialising in B2B and inbound marketing, with a passion for writing.

I enjoy writing about marketing, technical topics, business-related content, and lifestyle pieces. I am also comfortable writing about Science and Medicine and Health in Wellness, as I have an Honours Science degree. 

I look forward to working together!

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Health & Wellness

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Science & Medicine

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My Writing Samples

Dealing with COVID-19: We’ve made changes – and no doubt so have you

Response to COVID


Amazon Web Services Vs Microsoft Azure: Which Cloud Provider Should You Host Core Business Systems O

In this blog, we compare the two juggernauts of cloud computing, AWS and Azure, to help you in choosing the provider that’s right for hosting your business systems. A “winner” can’t be selected between the one or the other, rather we highlight the main pros and cons that will help you decide which service will cater to your organisation’s needs.


Why Companies Cling To Legacy Systems

In this blog, we look at why companies are reluctant to move away from their legacy systems and how to know when it really is time to modernise.


Three Lessons From Great Digital Customer Growth Strategies

In this blog, we look at three of South Africa’s favourite digital brands and their customer growth strategies, and how you can apply these strategies in your business.


Redefine How Your Call Centre Agents Absorb Information

How can you empower your agents to successfully engage with a customer within the critical first seconds of a call, and beyond?


4 Lessons From Great Customer Retention Strategies On Reducing Churn

In this blog post, we look at some great examples of customer retention strategies in action and how you can apply these same strategies in your business every day.



Digital Marketing Specialist

Company: Struto

I worked there from /2020 until now

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