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Writer for luxury brands

About Me

French novelist Gustave Flaubert once said we should “write of ordinary life as if one were writing history." And that's what I aim to do.

I'm an event planner for more than eight years, organising conferences, seminars, training, parties, weddings, and more. After more than seven years of working for an educational organisation, I decided to set up my own events business.

Currently, I'm also a freelance writer for the following niches:

I've loved writing ever since I was growing up and I'm tapping into that passion and turning it into a career. If you need content, I'd love to help you with it. I write articles, blog posts, website pages, social media content, and event brochures.

When I'm not planning events or writing, I'm usually off exploring the world or dreaming up new trips. I love travelling and meeting new people and experiencing different cultures. I also love watching movies, reading books, and cooking.

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My Writing Samples

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360 S7 Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Product description for the 360 S7 Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner



Social Media Producer

Writer for social media content (Facebook and Twitter) for a kids' TV show.

Company: CBN Asia's Superbook

I worked there from 4/2018 until 12/2021

Freelance Writer

Writer for articles, blog posts, travel guides, and more. Niches: Home Decor, Interior Design, Gardening, Travel, Events, Lifestyle Past/present clients include: ThreeTwoHome, Japan Airlines, Shiseido, Wyndham Hotels, and more.

Company: Misc.

I worked there from 1/2018 until now

Event Planner

Coordinating and managing events Events coordinated: weddings, webinars, parties/social events, etc.

Company: Lyz & Co.

I worked there from 1/2020 until now

Events Senior Officer

Coordinating and managing events (specifically, logistics) for an educational organisation.

Company: Homeschool Global Learning Inc.

I worked there from 3/2012 until 12/2019

Content I Write