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Professional Computer Wiz, Learner, and Hobby Enthusiast

About Me

Working in a small city of 20,000 as a Computer Technician and Supervisor for the last few years, I have had the experience of being an "expert." As this trusted professional, I have been offering my wisdom to any of these small city folk in need of it, and in doing so have learned two things. One, that is in incredibly rewarding, and two, that there are so many people out there in need of it. Working on a platform like this just seemed like the logical next step for me to widen my reach and bring me closer to my goal of bringing technological enlightenment to the masses.

On top of being fluent in your everyday computer necessities, I am also a self-proclaimed master of DIY learning, able to tap into the vast array of free learning tools online. I pride myself in being financially responsible, without sacrificing the pocket change that enables me to dabble in several other hobbies like creative writing, website design, woodworking, gardening, and cooking.

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Computer Technician

I have tinkered with computer all my life, but I have done so professionally for the last few years. I have developed skills and knowledge in hardware, physical repair, and software on several operating systems.


I worked there from /2015 until now


I have worked for a few years in this position, which with I have earned experienced guiding, inspiring, and developing a diverse workforce. Along the way, I have learned helpful tips and lessons; even some pitfalls to avoid.


I worked there from /2018 until now

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