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Sage Magee


Sage Magee is an article writer with a strong unique voice and a dedication to thorough research.

About Me

I am a dedicated author and editor with a strong literary voice. I have blogged for the American Planning Association, written for the Philadelphia newspaper The Triangle, produced humor articles  for The Lunatic and frequently write original speculative fiction.

Industries I Write About


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Law & Politics

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Science & Medicine

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My Writing Samples

On Monorails in LA

A look into the underdog proposal to ease congestion in LA's Sepulveda Corridor and the larger history of monorails in America.


7 Things Straight Men Can Learn From Lesbian Relationships

A Listicle of relationship advice to straight men from a lesbian, written for Rule Mag (closed).


Evo Lacks Style, Grace

An architecture critique of "the evo 2" a residential high-rise in West Philadelphia.


Success or Snake Oil? The Rundown on Health Supplements

A listicle about dietary supplements for the (now closed) men's magazine Rule Mag.


The Vendor

A long-haul truck driver left behind by technological progress finds themselves in a bizarre phenomenon while driving in rural Alaska.



Speculative Fiction Author

I am a speculative science-fiction author, regularly submitting to literary magazines. I write on issues of robotics, automation, AI, space exploration and more.

Company: The Futurism Fount

I worked there from 1/2004 until now


Entertainment and Heath writer for an online and print men's magazine.

Company: Rule Mag

I worked there from 4/2020 until 8/2020


I was a regular Arts and Culture writer for the Drexel University newspaper The Triangle. I contributed articles on campus politics, architecture, and the arts.

Company: The Triangle

I worked there from 5/2014 until 7/2015

Content I Write