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About Me

A career in writing isn't just about the words. It's about the impact they have on people and businesses. Over the last five years, I've interviewed leaders, businesses and artists to produce hundreds of articles that have increased brand awareness and touched the hearts of readers. Not to mention my own in the process! 

Content platforms have mainly been newspapers, magazines and business blogs. I've enjoyed writing creative inspiring content for a local health magazine and a national lifestyle magazine. Seamlessly able to relate to high-profile individuals or the average Joe (or Joanna). Am able to write with personality or keep it strictly professional.

With a marketing degree from Clemson University, several years of corporate experience and managing my own business called Irving Ink, I have the discipline of an employee and the drive of an entrepreneur.  I've managed my freelance writing business for the last five years with repeat requests for writing services. My preference is writing articles that inspire others with thought provoking content and interviewing individuals to tell their stories. I am open to other opportunities as well! I'm interested in article writing or interviewing individuals to find out what makes them tick! I believe if you stick with what you love, it will show up in the content!

OK, so now that we've talked business, let's get personal. I'm a mid-ish 30's nature lover that lives in the upstate of South Carolina with my husband and sassy Siberian husky that sounds like Chewbacca. Weekends are spent hiking with friends, family or llamas. On vacations, I escape to the beach or seek new adventures. I love to travel abroad or stateside. You might find me spending the night in a tiny home in Tennessee, swimming with dolphins in Jamaica or zip lining in the Great Smokey Mountains. While I love a good adventure, I wouldn't be caught dead jumping out of a plane.

My side hobbies include writing a book (surprising, right?) or painting a kindergarten-worthy masterpiece. All while listening to indie or electronic music. I'm loyal, have a passion for serving others and have a deep desire to glorify God. 

Contact me to connect about content opportunities! I would love to hear from you. Tell me, what's your story? 

Industries I Write About

My Writing Samples

Branded Content

This was a branded content piece for a local mattress company. Written to explain the product and entice customers to shop local while purchasing an eco-friendly mattress!


Branded Content

Another branded content piece for an agritourism company. Written in a fun voice to inspire locals to gather for amusing outdoor activities. The first sentence alone makes readers snort with laughter!



An in-depth look into a historical pharmacy. The article provides details into it's background, expansion and shares the company offers more than just medicine.



Freelance Writer

Produce branded content articles for The Greenville Journal that provides a comprehensive look at the business. Create a title, hook and engaging explanation of company offerings.

Company: Greenville Journal

I worked there from 4/2020 until now

Freelance Writer

Interview businesses and community individuals with a story to tell. Articles have included a World Series winner, a famous musician, NFL player and local artists.

Company: Beautiful Mountain Living Magazine

I worked there from 8/2017 until 2/2020

Sales and Writer

Set appointments with local businesses and create a sales pitch to sign up new advertisers. Interview businesses or organizations to increase local awareness. Write creative articles on health and mental wellness in a compelling way.

Company: Upstate Natural Awakenings Magazine

I worked there from 4/2016 until 8/2017

Marketing Coordinator

Coordinate tradeshows and company projects. Edit and create the company newsletter. Updated prices on menus and other printed materials. Wrote company goals and created copy for some advertisements.

Company: Sushi With Gusto

I worked there from 12/2013 until 1/2015

Content I Write