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About Me

I am an experienced freeelancer writer. I understand the need for efficient communication  and requirement to met deadline. I bring a diverse professional and intellectual  background to my work

Writing is something i have been doing in a variety of capacities in my adult life; from creative writing,contact writing to general business writing

I am into  article writing, press release ,blog and social media posts, proofreading etc . I am meticulous about correct grammar,spelling ,plagarism and punctuation.

Industries I Write About

Real Estate

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Health & Wellness

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Science & Medicine

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My Writing Samples

How to buy an apartment building

This article talks about how to find the right property which includes using real estate agents, multiple - listing services, an estate broker. The article also talks about what to put down for an apartment building and even the benefits of owning a house investment which includes continuous cash flow, an increase of net worth, You will also find the difference between private funding and crowdfunding platform etc


Multiple sclerosis ( Health)

This article will show you what multiple sclerosis is, types of multiple sclerosis, how to diagnose multiple sclerosis, which include evoked potential tests, blood tests, MRI scans. Another thing you will learn is the Alternative cure to multiply sclerosis which includes pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, Acupuncture, etc. You will find a natural cure and a stem cell cure to MS. Medications that could be taken can be seen here as well


Press release on Rain soul product (Wellness)

This talks about a launch or announcement about this rain soul product which is a seed-based nutrition product. This press release talks about the benefits and constituents of the product. The press release talks about the reviews and testimonies of people on this product. The press release shows the company sites you can go to for verification concerning their online store launch.


Affiliate marketing in business

This article talks about a marketing strategy of increasing sales for business owners by promoting their products to people and earning commissions for products sold. A unique link is given to the affiliate for purchases to be made. The affiliates can earn money without being a creator or seller of such a product. Each party earns according to the contribution he or she has vested in the business. On the other hand, an affiliate can be a seller and also a promoter.


Why we should use a beard oil

This article talks about Beard oil been used to soften the hair on the beard. Its moisturizing effect under the beard. It also shows how beard oil can give your beard a glossy or shining appearance, how it makes your beard healthy and pleasant. It tames the hair, for, without the oil, the beard tends to be rough or scraggly in nature. The article shows the components of the oil and how to make one. It helps to differentiate between beard oil and beard balm


Seborrhea dermatitis (Health)

This article talks about Seborrheic dermatitis as a disorder that is similar to psoriasis. It can occur on the face, scalp, chest, face, ears, nose, and various parts of the body. It is a skin fungal disease that could be seen in the sebaceous glands of the body. The article talks about the symptoms of seborrhea dermatitis, the causes and treatments involved. It also talks about Home remedies available for this treatment.


What does a property management company do

This article talks about Property management been a process of supervising various types of industrial, commercial, and residential real estate properties. It usually involves managing the properties that are owned by another person or firm. All kinds of properties can be managed, including shopping malls, condominiums, detached apartments, and rental property forms. The article also talked about real estate brokers been able serve as real estate property managers in some cases.




My job functions include the following writing, editing, proofreading, press release, Researching, social media and blog posting, Marketing and distributing work. Negotiating terms and conditions of contracts. Perform online and on the ground primary research for a blog post, articles. Review, submit for approval and revise written material to meet personal standards.

Company: Royal Essays writing company

I worked there from 5/2015 until /

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