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Content writer for the Home Improvement and DIY industries

About Me

I'm a writer that specializes in Home Improvement and Maintenance, Health and Wellness (especially diabetes as I've been a type-2 diabetic for over 10 years).  I've worked in the Home Improvement and Maintenance  industry for more than 30 years. I have experience in just about every aspect of the industry and I have a passion for all things Home Improvement. I'm also an avid Do-It-Yourselfer with a passion for furniture refinishing, and painting any and everything I  can get my hands on. I love making something that's old and drab look new again. I also love working to repair everything from furniture to old electronics and even computers. Everybody I knows comes to me when they have a computer problem whether it's a software problem or a hardware problem. Most importantly, I have a passion for writing and that passion flows through all forms and categories of my writing.

Industries I Write About

Real Estate

Health & Wellness

My Writing Samples

9 Must-Have Tools and Equipment to Paint Your Kid’s Room

Find out the 9 essential tools and the equipment you need to paint you kid's room (or any room for that matter).


Is Cinnamon Good For Blood Sugar Control?

Learn about the positives and negatives of using cinnamon to control blood sugar levels.


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Home Maintanance/Remodeling

Worked to maintain several rental properties and remodeling of rooms. Examples of work performed: plumbing repairs and installation, floor, sub floor and frame repairs, interior and exterior painting, repairing and replacing windows and doors, building porches and decks, installing new carpet, building counters, laying tile, hanging sheetrock, as well as pepairing holes in sheetrock, repairing and replacing appliances, installing lighting, cieling fans, and replacing electrical outlets.

Company: Pritchard Enterprises

I worked there from 11/2005 until 10/2019


All aspects of lawn care and maintenance, including maintaining all equipment. Most aspects of running a business

Company: Phillips Lawn Care

I worked there from 4/2003 until 11/2005


Residential/Commercial interior/exterior painting as well as running the business.

Company: Phillips Painting

I worked there from 6/1995 until 4/2003

Head of Roller Crew

Residential/Commercial interior/exterior painting

Company: Philllips Painting

I worked there from 7/1986 until 6/1995

Content I Write