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Freelance Science and Data Writer

About Me

As a freelance science writer, I serve as a bridge connecting readers with the complex, specialized knowledge of experts. I am a PhD mathematician and a professionally trained creative writer. Through 20 years of university teaching experience, I've become equally comfortable crafting scientific storytelling for expert and non-expert audiences. Scientific stories have their own charisma, beauty, and power, and I love to help readers connect with the wonder and excitement that lie at the heart of scientific and technical work.

Industries I Write About

Science & Medicine


Health & Wellness

My Writing Samples

Animal Crossing Ahead

News article on proposed legal protection for a wildlife corridor.


'The calm, still quiet'

News article on the importance of wilderness access to a veteran healing post traumatic stress.


No, You Aren't Terrible at Meditating

A how-to article with suggestions for people who believe they're 'bad' at meditating.


Ready to Pivot

Article profiling one distillery's adaptation to the coronavirus pandemic.


Behind the Mask

Q&A with a medical ethicist about the balance of personal privacy with the need to share information during a pandemic.


BLAST: An Expert System for Blast Injury Diagnosis and Treatment

A short paper outlining a medical application of artificial intelligence.


The Disease that Infected Half the World: Mathematics, Biology, and History

A paper detailing a student project on SIRD (susceptible, infected, recovered, dead) epidemiological models, using data from the 1918 influenza pandemic.


Ahimsa: Yoga's Single Most Important Practice (Kindness)

Article defining the yogic practice of kindness of self and others, and its importance for reducing stress, anxiety, and anger.


How to Take Back Control of Your Emotional Responses

A guide to dealing with difficult emotions.



Writer and Editor

Freelance writing and editing. Specializing in: articles, blog posts, B2B, video scripts, white papers, presentations. Niches: science writing, data journalism, academic editing, artificial intelligence, conservation, engineering, technology.

Company: Becoming Mighty LLC

I worked there from 9/2017 until now

Sports Editor

Ran the one-person sports department at an award-winning weekly newspaper. Duties include story selection, reporting, fact-checking, writing, photography and layout. In support of the primary mission of journalism, which is to effectively communicate true information, I received training as a Data Journalist through Investigative Reporters and Editors. Through that training, I learned to create, clean, maintain, and analyze large databases using Python, Microsoft Excel, SQL,

Company: Taos News

I worked there from 10/2018 until 9/2019

Assitant Professor of Mathematics

Primary duties included research, teaching, and service to the University. As a professor, I conducted original mathematical research in set theory, conservation biology, information, and medical applications of AI, and published numerous original mathematical research publications in peer-reviewed journals, as well as papers on pedagogy. I regularly gave presentations to a wide range of audiences, including peers at professional conferences and informal talks to middle school students.

Company: City University of New York

I worked there from 8/2011 until 8/2017

Content I Write


Differential Equations: A Toolbox for Modeling the World by Kurt Bryan

Dr. Sheila Miller did fantastic work on our SIMIODE textbook - https://qubeshub.org/community/groups/simiode/textbook. When the author turned over the ms. to me, the Director of our SIMIODE project - I worked it up with suggestions and corrections. However, when we received the copy editing suggestions from Sheila it was amazing. It was so smooth, to the point, and clear that the author and I looked at each other and said, "That is what we wanted to say and Sheila did it for us!" She is great!

Brian Winkel, SIMIODE