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No fluff, character-rich copy. Written for humans, loved by Google.

About Me

Let me guess. 

You want to grow your business. You want more people to visit your website, click on your links, and share your posts. And, for pities sake, hit the  ‘BUY NOW’ button.

But that means setting aside everything else to master the world of copywriting, SEO and content marketing. Who’s got time for that?

And bingo! There’s your problem.

Or possibly not. . .

Relax. Your content marketing problems are over.

I’ve been in this game for over 3 years. I’ve worked in advertising, the media, and also on the client-side as a marketing consultant, and a freelance copywriter. 

And in all that time, nothing’s really changed.

The fundamentals of marketing are still the same, but the goal posts have changed – a lot. It’s called the internet. 

The internet has revolutionized the way we communicate. It's created opportunities we never had and pulled down barriers that once held us back. 

I understand how frustrating and time-consuming to craft the right words to rank on Google and get people to click through it gets.

And if you’re new to the game, where do you even start?

Blogs, whitepapers, articles, website content, social media, landing pages, email campaigns. . . I know – it can be overwhelming.  That’s why I’m so pleased you found your way here, because I know how to help.

Let's find the spark that ignites your story.

Every business has a story to tell, and that’s my mission. To help you find the spark that ignites your story, and to create content that compels your audience to take the action you want. Leaving you plenty of time to grow your business the way you’d always imagined.

If that sounds like something you need, Drop me a line. I’d love to hear from you.

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My Writing Samples

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9 Really Small Things That Say a Lot About Someone

A 2500 words self-improvement blog on how people say the quiet parts loud. Published on Medium by high ranking publication called Illumination.



Author, Editor and Founder

Owner at yourfreelancewriter.guru. As a Google-certified digital marketer and SEO copywriter, I write SEO-optimized blog posts and websites that fizz with personality.

Company: Yourfreelancewriter.guru

I worked there from 1/2019 until now

Senior Technology Copywriter

Created unique marketing and advertisement content for Tech companies used to sell products or services to other companies and consumers.

Company: Verblio Content Marketplace

I worked there from 3/2016 until 9/2019

Relationship Officer- Teller

Handled customers' financial transactions like deposits, withdrawals, transfers and money orders.

Company: Equity Bank Limited

I worked there from 1/2015 until 9/2015

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