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Millennial Content Creator & Editor

About Me

I'm a Millennial-focused content creator with the ability to generate and update your material for younger audiences. 


Undeniably, I was bothered when the pompous kid in the back of the room responded, “Those who can, do; those who can’t, teach.” What irked me was partially the fact that he said it roughly five minutes after he arrived late to class for the second time that week, but I was mostly mad because he was wrong; I taught because I could do. I spent years perfecting my grammar, writing, reading, and ability to synthesize information, and even though I could have gotten a corporate job right out of school, I wanted to use my skills to help struggling kids. (Plus, there was the undeniable appeal of having summers off.) I loved teaching and giving everything I had to offer to my students, but eventually I decided to leave and prove to myself that I could, in fact, do both.

I started working as a content writer and editor for a business in need. They wanted to attract younger, retail-minded clientele through their digital media, so I created and continue to maintain their web presence by formulating interesting taglines with strategic SEO and composing a Millennial lifestyle blog that has successfully driven their business upwards. With extreme attention to detail, I research and create content about new trends and products using a personable, conversational voice and purposeful keywords that continue to attract interested readers and new business.

My experience as a teacher conditioned me to a high volume of work and a fast turnaround, while my experience as a content writer and editor has strengthened my voice and expanded my professional written portfolio. 

Millennial content is my expertise, so let me help you by generating content that appeals to younger buyers. 

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Millennial Portfolio

This is a small sample of Millennial-focused blogs produced for an ongoing business newsletter.



Content Writer & Editor

I brainstorm, create, and formulate enticing copy for digital access, compose Millennial-focused blogs with a fresh voice for online business newsletters, give extreme attention to detail and expert knowledge of grammar as I painstakingly edit and revise published work, practice extensive fact checking and comprehensive research relating to products and trends, and successfully increase SEO and click-through rates on website


I worked there from 3/2020 until now

English Teacher

For several years I taught high school English. Daily, I edited, revised, and graded essays, designed and implemented an array of literary units, helped students find and develop their written voices, and formulated an innovative, effective approach to grammar to help students become better speakers and writers.


I worked there from /2016 until /2020

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