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She is a part-time Freelance Writer and Editor with the IAPWE. Jamie works remotely Worldwide.

About Me

Ms. Fletcher provides Business Services, Business Mentoring, Professional Content Creative Writing, and Editing, Marketing/Advertising, Desktop Publishing, Graphic Design, and more.

She is a part-time Freelance Writer and Editor with the IAPWE. 

Her interests range from Entrepreneurship to Leadership and Public Speaking. Ms. Fletcher has supported her interest in writing by sharing her work with other personal interests. She has provided mentorship to worldwide business enthusiasts, motivators, and startup companies. Her concentration has always been in small business management.

Ms. Fletcher has experience in Business Management, Marketing, Advertising, Fundraising, Virtual Administration, and Customer Service as well as several other skills.

Industries I Write About

Health & Wellness

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My Writing Samples

Breaking Stereotypes in Society – True and False aspects? Or Not?

In this article, we discuss the details of Stereotyping from a personal, educated, and societal perspective. Through the comparison of statistics, an in-depth look, and understanding, we can use the topic to understand ourselves better.


We Are the Seeds

We are the seeds that will bloom the next flowers; the sun that will shine along the horizon of a better tomorrow. The colors that will beautify the world we will call our home. We are not alone because we have each other; our strong friends, our encouragers, our light. But most importantly we have love. With love, we can conquer ALL obstacles. Turn all bad into good and find good in all bad. Love heals and helps us to forgive and move forward. This message goes out for hope for all! Be the chan


Fly Again

A memoir of childhood experiences from a native Californian perspective, growing up in the Bay Area from 1970, this girl shares just a few of her youthful adventures from a creative and poetic mindset which brings the fun to life - leaving readers with a sense of nostalgia and reflection into their own life stories.


Forbidden Fruit

Come-hither my gentleman caller and ignite my flame. Come into a world of sexy and seductive poetry that will leave your mind turning and yearning for more.


Untainted Love

Dear Untainted Love .....



Freelance Writer

Freelance Writer and Editor, specializing in creative and narrative writing. Topics of interest include Spirituality, Health, Healing, Sociology, Psychology, Metaphysics, Religious content, Cultural topics, Eastern philosophy, Self-realization and improvement, Education, Life, and family matters of the heart.

Company: Truly Inspiring Consulting

I worked there from 9/2019 until now

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