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About Me

I’m a professional journalist with a bachelor's degree specializing in Journalism and Management.  I am also a creative freelance writer, great editor with strong research skills, a solid understanding of SEO and I successfully adapt to different styles and tons to fit the purpose of the piece and culture of the brand

Some Fun Facts About Me

I was born and raised in South Africa but currently living in the US, I love experiencing new places and wish to visit all 7 continents.

When I’m not writing, you can find me watering my plants, playing with my cat, and video calling my family back home. ( I am more of an outdoor type of person but a lot has changed during his pandemic)

 I love escape rooms but I’m easily spooked...silly me!

Industries I Write About

Health & Wellness

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My Writing Samples

4 Steps on How to Use Social Media to Promote your Brand for Beginners.

Social media is taking over traditional advertising. Considering the current economic conditions, more and more people are starting new businesses and want to learn more about using the convenience of social media to promote their brand. This article offers a step to step guide on how to efficiently and effectively use social media for marketing purposes.


8 Steps on How to Compile an Effective Market Analysis for your Business

A market analysis is one of the important components of a business plan. The article was a step to step guide on how to effectively market a new business!


15 Creative Ways to Make Money in 2021

Advice on how to earn through multiple streams of income.



Website Content Writer

• Revise written material to meet personal standards and to satisfy the needs of clients, publishers, directors, or producers. • Choose subject matter and suitable form to express personal feelings and experiences or ideas, or to narrate stories or events. • Prepare works in an appropriate format for publication and send them to publishers or producers. • Follow appropriate procedures to get copyrights for completed work. • Conduct research to obtain factual information and authentic detail.

Company: Sparta Inc

I worked there from 2/2017 until 8/2018

Social Media Cordinator

• Collaborate with web, multimedia, or art design staffs to create multimedia web sites that conform to brand and company visual format. • Conduct online marketing initiatives, such as paid ad placement, affiliate programs, sponsorship programs, email promotions, or viral marketing campaigns on social media Web sites. • Implement online customer service processes to ensure positive and consistent user experiences. • Propose online or multiple-sales-channel campaigns for marketing executives.

Company: Party Pamper events company

I worked there from 4/2018 until 8/2019

Languages I Write In

Content I Write