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Experienced content writer. SEO-friendly.

About Me

I have over 20 years of experience in the publishing industry and have been working as a freelance writer for the past five years. Quick turnaround and clean copy are two things I pride myself on and would like to offer you. 

Do you need content that is readable and valuable? We should talk. 

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Real Estate


Law & Politics

My Writing Samples

What you need to know about phishing

Introducing the concept of phishing to SMBs and their employees so they are better prepared to defend against malware and other cyberattacks. This blog entry was produced for a digital agency to help drive traffic to a tech website offering IT security services.


Your guide to IT security basics

Introduction to cybersecurity for SMBs and their employees. This blog produced for a digital agency was used to drive traffic to a website offering IT security services.


Current Real Estate Trends In North Carolina & South Carolina

Presenting the key takeaways from a recent Urban Land Institute report on real estate trends in North and South Carolina. Written for a digital agency to help drive traffic to real estate services business.


How HOA Boards Are Operating In a COVID-19 World

Description of how HOA boards can and do remain effective during a time of pandemic. Written for a digital agency to help drive traffic to a real estate services business.


Is Purchasing Property a Good Investment?

A look at the real estate market—particularly for first-time buyers. Written for a digital agency to help drive traffic to real estate services business website.


17 Business Terms Every Business Leader Should Know

An article summarizing and defining business terms for owners or managers of SMBs. Written for a website specializing in online payment solutions.


Productivity Through Communication Technology

Ebook on different approaches to improving productivity among employees by taking advantage if different aspects of developing communication technology. Written for a digital agency to drive traffic to a website offering business communication and IT services.


What to Do While Your Business Is Experiencing Downtime

Advice to owners of SMBs on how to handle forced downtime due to COVID-19. Written for the Medium platform publication The Startup.



Freelance Writer

I provide SEO-friendly web content to a variety of clients and businesses. Quick, clean turnaround. Past and current clients include: Stonefish Marketing, Black Cat Creative Studios, Prairie Mountain Media News Group, TalusPay, Tridigital Marketing, BearManor Media, Intellect Books, UK, SFWA, Inc. and the Rhode Island Medical Society.

Company: WordsByJohn.net

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