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Conversion copywriter & content writer focused on client needs

About Me

Hello and welcome to my page! I am a highly-skilled, detailed oriented writer who gets the message across to the end-user. My expertise has helped many people through education and services, from knowledge on investing topics to personal finance topics. 

Majority of clients I have worked with stated, "Austin is a fantastic writer who gets right to the point, no fluff." Putting a smile on my client's face is my number one priority, and the process of doing so ignites my passion. 

While not writing, you can find me practicing transcendental meditation, Bikram Yoga, and playing tennis!

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My Writing Samples

How I went from zero savings and low credit to $50,000 and a 770 credit score in 4 years

I discuss my struggles with money back then only to come out on top by improving my credit score and achieving success.


How to Value a Stock

Different methods to value a stock either through absolute or relative valuation methods.


Tips to Save Money on Taxes

Taxes can be a pain! But there are multiple ways to save your hard-earned cash come tax season. Check out the article I wrote on saving money come April 15th.


How to Start Investing

Investing for the beginner should be exciting! I outline how to start investing for the beginner.


MBH Corporation Research Report

I go into an in-depth analysis of a start-up company in the United Kingdom. I conduct a top-down analysis of the company.


Best Budget-Friendly Keto Grocery Staples

Budgeting as a couple can be..well..fun! Check out the article on you can stay healthy as a couple while on a budget.


Acorns Investing Review

An article I wrote outlining Acorns, the popular investing app for new investors.


No Brainer Wealth

My blog outlines the psychology behind saving, investing, and budgeting. I dive deep into how decisions and problem-solving abilities either make or break your financial success. My main goal is to help as many people as possible through my content.


Choosing Growth to Fuel Your Wealth

(Ghostwritten article) This piece explains how a growth mindset can help you attain financial success.


Best Asset Classes To Invest In To Diversify Your Income

(Ghostwritten article) Describes the different types of assets to invest in to diversify your income.



Freelance Writer/Digital Marketer

• Maintain a financial blog that educates individuals on value investing, debt management, and behavioral finance. • Established my presence on various financial blogs such as Minority Mindset, Seeking Alpha, and Family Money Adventures. Results: Boosted client’s site traffic by 45% through the creation of high-quality blog content

Company: No Brainer Wealth

I worked there from 12/2019 until now

Financial Mechanic

• Determined appropriate pricing for put and call options using a combination of Excel formulas • Designed a dividend analysis dashboard showing ex-dividend dates of various industry sectors • Utilized various Excel formulas (Vlookup, Index Match, IF, nested IF statements), created macros and VBA to design the dashboard • Created detailed market reports analyzing and summarizing stock price forecasting and geopolitical news

Company: Kinetic Investment Group

I worked there from 7/2018 until 9/2018

Junior Accountant

• Developed invoices and financial statements for clients using Quickbooks • Expertly handled financial reporting and tax filing/preparations • Managed reconciliation of bank accounts, analysis of periodic financials, and budget preparation

Company: Mark Cherry CPA, LLC

I worked there from 1/2020 until now

Content I Write