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Captivating Business, Fitness and Finance Content

About Me

My name’s Myles, I’m a professional content writer.

I enjoy researching and learning about the many facets of life. Some of my favourites are, self-development, fitness, digital marketing, personal finance and business.

What I can create for your business:

Drop me a message and let’s start creating some quality content. 

Your business will thank you for it! 

 – Myles O’Bery

Industries I Write About


Health & Wellness


My Writing Samples

Pros of the Forex Market

A brief explanation of reasons for choosing to trade the Forex Market.


Credit Restoration: What's That?

An overview of what credit restoration is as well as its benefits.


Want to Start a Business? Here are 5 Critical Steps You Need to Consider

Ghostwritten article about critical steps to starting a business



Freelance Writer

I create content for various businesses and niches.

Company: Mylesobery.com

I worked there from 11/2020 until now

English Teacher

Teaching English to high school students of various ages.

Company: Khemmarat Pittayakom High School

I worked there from 8/2019 until 11/2020

Membership Consultant

Sales consultant for a health club.

Company: GO Health Clubs

I worked there from 11/2016 until 11/2017

Sales Contractor

Independent sales contractor for a marketing company.

Company: Jigsaw Sales Group

I worked there from 10/2015 until 10/2016

Content I Write