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Nirmal Sneha is a freelance writer who loves to create content her readers will love. She writes on business, health, tech, and self-development. When she is not writing, she can be found reading, cycling, or trying to bake cupcakes that have a perfectly round top.

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7 Ways to Overcome Analysis Paralysis

Analysis Paralysis is a common phenomenon in today's world where we have a huge number of options available to us but we struggle to make the right decisions on what we need. This article lists ways in which you can take better decisions and ensure a hassle-free life.


Here’s why cloud computing could be the future of your business

As technology progresses faster than we ever thought was possible, businesses and entrepreneurs should make sure to utilize technology to maximize their profit. This article looks at nine ways cloud computing helps businesses cut costs and improve their efficiency.


How mHealth Is Rising As The Key Pillar of Health During Socially Distanced Times.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, healthcare systems all over the world realized the need for virtual systems of healthcare and how it would take precedence over traditional forms of healthcare as the primary tool in providing care in non-Covid cases. This article lists the uses of mHealth through case studies published in the mHealth journal as well as the latest innovations in the field of mHealth



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