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I'm a hell of a storyteller.

About Me

Average is boring.

I sold my house and nearly everything in it to go location-independent after calling B.S. on chasing the cliché 9-to-5 grind. Instead, I hustle with passion as the CEO of Better Drinking Culture, author of our first book, The Drinker’s Manifesto, a Certified Cicerone®, brand/experience consultant for the service/hospitality industry, public speaker, and creator of Emmy-nominated Modern Ahabs.

Vet me at jasonley.com.

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Fest Practices: Jockey for Successful Event Presence

So you own a brewery. Or a cidery, distillery, winery, bar, restaurant, etc. You get it—you sell alcohol. In order to do so, people need to know you exist. If they don’t, your doors close. If they do, but your product sucks, your doors close. If your brand isn’t compelling or memorable (in the right ways), your doors close. Your job isn’t just to not close—it’s to blow the doors off the place and thrive.


Rake Beer Project Dragged Over Coals for Reppin’ Michigan’s Gov. Whitmer

Rake Beer Project, in Muskegon, Michigan, is less than two years old, and whether you love them or hate being told to stay home to help curb a relentless global pandemic, they’ve probably slowed your newsfeed scroll at least twice in 2020. And, like it or not (trigger warning): they’re about to do it a third time.


The Unfunny Jokes About Alcohol

Friends, as you can imagine, when I write a blog on behalf of BDC, I obviously (have to) adopt our brand’s tone, language, etc., the whole package. While any regular, discerning reader can probably pick up on subtle editorial commentary if/when it gets sprinkled throughout the narrative, I still have to first and foremost honor BDC and its mission, and reflect that in my carefully chosen words.



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