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I am a Freelance Writer with 4+ years of experience. Skilled in content writing and ghostwriting, mostly covering finances, blogging, and personal development, but I can work in any niche. I can do blog posts, ghostwriting, articles, newsletters, etc. I have many writing samples which will be given upon request

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Health & Wellness

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Why Craig Wright Can’t Prove He Created Bitcoin

Last week, the court ordered Craig Wright to transfer 500,000 BTC to Dave Kleiman’s relatives, but left unresolved the issue of recognizing Wright as the creator of the cryptocurrency. Why should an Australian pay out bitcoins that belonged to Satoshi Nakamoto, but still doesn’t count?


What's The Difference Between Content Marketing And Copywriting?

From a traditional marketing perspective, the answer to the headline question is simple. Ask any internet marketer and they will answer that content marketing is about creating valuable and free content with the aim of attracting users and converting them into leads or customers. Copywriting, on the other hand, is the creation of a specific text, the task of which is to attract a user to perform a specific action. This could be a purchase, a subscription to your newsletter, or a targeted call.




Company: http://www.bitchesgetriches.com/

I worked there from 3/2021 until 4/2021

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