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Freelance Commercial Writer for B2B Technology Brands

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I help B2B technology companies gain the trust of potential customers and strengthen their bonds with the ones they already have. I write blog posts, ebooks, executive interviews, whitepapers, sales copy and other content marketing assets in an engaging, conversational style.

If you want content that wakes people up instead of putting them to sleep, we should talk.

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I worked in newspapers for 25 years before going freelance in 2009. I've been a successful freelance writer ever since. My last job was at the San Jose Mercury News.

Hometown: Peoria, Illinois

Current base: Winston-Salem, North Carolina 

I'm looking for clients who share my appreciation for well-researched content that's easy to read and results-driven.

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Manage Through a Global Crisis with These 3 Priorities

COVID-19 has created disarray on a global scale. From the C-suite to the front lines, leaders and managers are scrambling to reconcile conflicting evidence, mixed signals and miscommunications. How should leaders navigate this labyrinth? For Dheeraj Pandey, Founder, Chairman and CEO of hybrid cloud software company Nutanix, the road ahead need not be as tangled or twisted as it appears at first glance.


Cloudifying and Simplifying Databases

Databases are the bedrock of the data economy – or almost any economy today, for that matter. These information filing systems are the backbone behind every online interaction and transaction, from Zoom meetings to online purchases. Despite being so essential, databases have grown cumbersome and complicated, burdening companies that rely on them. “Databases should be simple,” said Bala Kuchibhotla, vice president and general manager of Nutanix Era and Critical Business Applications.


4 Tools for Deep Learning Factory Automation Inspections

Deep learning software automate a vast assortment of production functions that are impractical for human workers and rule-based algorithms. Consider the inspector working on an automotive production line: doors, fenders, seats, windows, and hundreds more components can get scratched, dented, ripped or chipped along the way. Humans can catch some of those defects. Machine vision systems with high-tech cameras and complex algorithms can flag a few more well-defined, predetermined flaws.


VisionPro Deep Learning Shows Early Promise in Identifying Images of Covid-19 in Chest X-Rays

When the Covid-19 pandemic started raising alarms around the world, the deep learning experts at Cognex started wondering if their technology could help healthcare professionals mount an effective defense. The alarm proved justified: As of mid-September 2020, Covid-19 had infected nearly 30 million people worldwide and claimed almost a million lives.


Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing: A Glossary of Terms

You don't need a PhD to feel comfortable discussing artificial intelligence, though it certainly helps. But knowing a few basic terms and concepts related to artificial intelligence can make it a lot easier to make sense of the latest technology and inspection advances in factory automation. These are the most common terms that crop up in conversations and articles about artificial intelligence for factory automation.


A Quick Look at Color Lighting and Filters for Vision Sensors

Manufacturers who use machine vision systems to inspect parts, guide robotic arms and sort packages confront the same reality known to every weekend shutterbug: It’s all about getting the light right. The trouble is that a factory floor is a photographic minefield. Shops windows let in too much light at high noon but cast too many shadows when the second shift clocks in. Shiny parts reflect light back into the camera, spoiling the image.


The Tech Supporting Remote Workers

he coronavirus pandemic put a spotlight on virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) as reliable, scalable technologies to support remote workers. Telecommuting has evolved into remote work, a steadily growing trend among the many companies and organizations going through digital transformation. Well before COVID-19 forced employers worldwide to send workers home for indefinite periods, VDI and DaaS systems helped business productivity....


Reinventing the Executive Briefing

Social distancing is bringing a reckoning in the rarified world of executive briefings. Traditional executive briefings are in-person confabs where companies with something to sell fly in the leaders of a potential client in the hope of inking a big deal that could make both companies richer. Handshakes, sales pitches, eye contact, charisma and intellect come together to forge distinctly human bonds. COVID-19 changed all that. Who wants to risk their C-suite employees inhaling a virus ....


Secrets of a 10-Year-Old Technology Startup

Nutanix co-founder and CEO Dheeraj Pandey shares lessons learned and tough decisions made.


Automation has been eliminating manual, repetitive processes since the beginning of the machine age.

Automation has been eliminating manual, repetitive processes since the beginning of the machine age. Now, advanced user interfaces and machine learning are helping software developers and other IT professionals build applications with little or no code, bringing the benefits of automation into their working lives.


The ultimate Ray-Ban Wayfarer guide

Wayfarer sunglasses evoke a modest, understated style with dark lenses and plastic frames. They’ve shaded the eyes of movie idols, rock stars, politicians and mere mortals (you know, the rest of us) for more than 60 years. Wearing Wayfarers tells the world you’ve seen it all and have nothing to prove. You’re cool with the classics. Or, you’re just cool in general. In this ultimate guide, we’ll walk you through the fundamentals of Wayfarer sunglasses — why you should wear them, what they ....


Latest technology to help people with low vision

What’s new in low-vision technology? Glad you asked — because the answers get better every year. We’ve come a long way from the white canes and Braille dots that used to represent most of the technology for people with blindness and low vision.


Glaucoma and marijuana: Treatment risks and benefits

While there are some temporary benefits of marijuana for glaucoma sufferers, the risks far outweigh the rewards. We get it. Buzzkill. Here’s the deal: The scientists who have studied the links between marijuana, cannabis and glaucoma have figured out that getting high on weed can help with glaucoma for a few hours. But you’d have to stay that way around the clock to fully enjoy the benefits, making the side effects worse than the treatment.


Custom sunglasses: How to get the perfect fit for your needs

Ever thought of building your own sunglasses? It’s totally doable. Try this: Stop by YouTube and put the phrase “do-it-yourself sunglasses” in the search field. An assortment of clever craftspeople will show you how to cut sunglass frames from blocks of wood or craft them out of plastic or metal. You can even insert replacement lenses from top brands into your homemade shades.


Is it possible to get rid of cataracts naturally?

Currently, the only proven ways to remove cataracts are traditional cataract surgery and laser cataract surgery. That’s the consensus of research scientists and eye doctors. But what if you can’t afford cataract surgery? Are you out of luck if you have an eye condition that makes surgery dangerous or impractical


How Digital Twin Technology is Helping Build a Smart Railway System in Italy

AlmavivA helps Italy’s national train system modernize its IT to leverage cloud computing, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and other data technologies that improve service and safety.


What Ford vs. Ferrari Tells us About Computing in 2020

An Oscar-winning film about an epic automotive rivalry in the 1960s shows how much things have changed in 50 years.


Comprehensive Child Welfare Information System (CCWIS)

The children come first. They may be sick or injured, neglected or endangered. Their families may be underemployed or overstressed. These challenges may seem like a million miles from the latest Innovations in mobile technology and automation. But DMI found a way to bridge the chasm. Our comprehensive child welfare information system uses innovative, modular software on mobile devices to help government agencies modernize their IT systems while improving service to vulnerable populations


Cloud Services

The cloud means freedom to develop powerful, intelligent apps that drive value in narrow time frames. Today’s modern IT architectures let you combine APIs, containers and other cloud functions to compose remarkably flexible end-user experiences. Your opportunities to customize and optimize are just about limitless. Making it happen, however, requires a well-thought-out strategy and abundant experience with a vast array of cloud functions.



The global response to the COVID-19 crisis accelerated adoption of emerging digital solutions and unveiled new ways to use digital tools to collaborate, win customers and streamline business processes. And now, with an eye on the horizon, everybody’s asking the same question: “What do we do next?”


4 Reasons Why Medical Providers Should Embrace Digital-Physical Convergence

Healthcare companies have almost limitless opportunities to use digital tools to improve business outcomes. But it’s all beside the point if these tools fail to improve the lives of doctors and patients. That’s why DMI recommends digital-physical convergence — using human-centered strategies to deploy digital technologies where they do the most good in the real world. T


6 Quick Ways to Add Automation and Voice Commands to Your Supply Chain

ou don’t have to wait months or years to add automation to your supply chain. Many repetitive supply chain tasks can be automated in weeks — helping you respond quickly to new events while boosting your workforce’s productivity. These short-term gains require identifying simple tasks that lots of people do many times a day. In an enterprise-scale company, automating these activities can generate sizable productivity improvements.


Methodology and Buy-In: 2 Base Requirements for Headless Commerce Success

A headless commerce system is a marvel of flexibility. You start by building an ideal frontend platform —the “head” that integrates with headless commerce and/or CMS platforms . That empowers you to craft unique customer experiences and intuitive user interfaces that strengthen your brand and business. Best of all, you can do it fast. Introducing new features, implementing new user interfaces, adding new touch points and releasing software can happen in two or three weeks ...


Why Convergence Will be the Make-or-Break Technology Trend of the 2020s

They all have to come together — people and data, assets and inventions. The 2020s will bring technologies like digital twins, swarm intelligence and virtual/augmented reality into the mobile mainstream. Fatter networks, faster computers and ubiquitous sensors will produce vast torrents of real-time data. All these advances, in turn, allow increasingly accurate predictions that reinforce the need for transformative technologies.



Contributing Writer, Freelance

I write articles for the news hub of Nutanix, the pioneer in hyperconverged infrastructure.

Company: The Forecast by Nutanix

I worked there from 7/2019 until now

Contributing Writer, Freelance

I write articles about eye care, eye conditions, eyeglasses, sunglasses, optics and other vision-related topics for this site, owned by Essilor, the global eyewear and eyecare brand.

Company: All About Vision

I worked there from 8/2019 until now

Contributing Writer, Freelance

I write blog posts and other content in Cognex, a leader in industrial automation technology.

Company: Cognex

I worked there from 7/2019 until now

Senior Copywriter, Freelance

I write ebooks, blog posts, web copy and other collateral for DMI, a global system integrator and solution provider that specializes in mobile development.

Company: DMI Inc

I worked there from 12/2017 until now

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