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UX/UI researcher with over 5 years experience in banking, client relations, agriculture, health and technology in Africa.

About Me

I strongly believe that if a problem exists, so must a solution and the user/client has to be consulted as we build the solution. 

I am passionate about technology and how it is revolutionising how we go about our daily lives. My formative years of growth and professional work were spent in Africa-Kenya and later Ghana and Tanzania. There, I worked as a banker, founded and events management start-up and worked for a non-govermental organisation that provided health solutions and constantly came face to face with unique challenges that can be addressed by simple technological interventions borrowed from more advanced nations.

Allow me to use my expertise, network and experience to conduct market research for you, analyse data and present the work in a detailed, informative and professional manner.

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My Writing Samples

Blog post about IT support and solutions

Contracted to generate content for the website



UX researcher-

My position allows me to interact with stakeholders in the health sector and collaborate towards achieving similar goals. I conduct user interviews, develop design thinking tools, conduct stakeholder interviews, develop concepts and prototypes and conduct beta testing sessions.

Company: PATH international

I worked there from 1/2021 until now

Product and communication lead

As a co-founder, my daily routine involved speaking to sponsored users and testers, developing our communication and feedback channels, managing tasks among the co-funder and daily contribution towards our product design and development.

Company: VENDOOR

I worked there from 7/2019 until 8/2020