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SEO Writer- Blogger- Proofreader

About Me

I'm Nabil Bof Adam, an SEO Specialist, SEO Writer, Blogger and WordPress Expert. I've been writing and supporting busy creative professionals, websites owners, content marketing agencies and businesses for years, and I have built the knowledge and skills needed to attract clients and customers and leads them to take action in every single content. I work on SEO content creation, blog posts writing (informative, educational or opinion pieces).

● My specific "Writing Niche" is "Personal Finance" Topics :
Making money. Credit cards. Loans. Investing. Home equity. Insurance. Retirement.

● I create content that gives people a reason to visit your website and helps them learn more about your brand ●

As an SEO writer/ Blogger/ SEO specialist, My main mission is to provide added value for your business and help to facilitate your growth with every blog post that I move my pen for.

● Customized for Your Audience
Get blog posts that are mouth-watering, quality content that converts: 100% tailored to reach your unique audience. Each is written by a professional word sniper who knows how to reach people using your brand’s voice, tone, and style.

● Optimized SEO for Better Rankings

With plenty of keyword research backing every post, look forward to a nice bump in your organic search rankings. And even if the big players in your industry are dominating the rankings, I work in targeting long-tail keywords so even little guys can compete.

● Designed to Tell Your Story
Visitors want to know who’s behind your logo. A professionally-written blog takes into account your brand story and makes it come alive in every post you publish. The result is more trust, more authority, more engagement and more conversions.

My top expertise is offering fast, reliable blogging services for websites owners or agencies who need help with their blog content overload. Partnering with me allows your own staff to focus on higher-level tasks like strategy, brand messaging, and marketing research, leaving the job of creating quality content for blogs and search engines tactics to me.

Whether you need me regularly for content creating, marketing or to write the occasional one-off blog post, you get cost-effective pricing and great results with no strings attached.

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My Writing Samples

The Best 7 Tips To Start Investing In Your 30s

Unfortunately, we almost didn’t learn the investment mindset at school or even at home. So, if you’re just now getting started with investing in your third decade or you think to do some investment steps in the coming days, welcome!, you are on the right path.


How To Make Extra Money At Home During Covid-19? Real Ways For 2021!

Today, earning money at home is pretty simple. What matters most now is to be able to choose the ideal job from among the many home-based jobs that the development of digital technology has made possible. This job, which will allow you to enjoy your free time while earning a lot of money at the same time.


Best 10 Easy Businesses To Start Now with 0$.

The best businesses to start are those that are either low budget and low competition, high-profit, or trending. Many easy-to-start businesses do not demand specialized education or high skill- competence. They take a little time for preparation, a little bit effort for planning, and they offer you a profitable revenue at the end of the day.



ghost writer

Company: Pro Blogging dot com

I worked there from 2/2018 until 3/2020


Company: Medium dot com

I worked there from 6/2020 until now

SEO Writer- Blogger

Company: Top3Magazine

I worked there from /2020 until now

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