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Shwetz M


Content Marketing Strategist specializing in blog content, web copy and social media | Inbound Marketing Professional helping individuals, small business owners, and startups with marketing strategies.

About Me

Shwetz is a freelance writer and content marketing professional for hire with a specialization in inbound marketing, branding, and content strategy.

She works closely with individuals and small businesses and startups, providing useful and engaging content that converts viewers into customers.

As a creative inbound marketing professional, she is experienced in developing content and managing website and social media channels.

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My Writing Samples

Augmented Reality: Transforming Experiences with Technology

Augmented reality is a technology that gives an enhanced version of reality to its users. It is a promising technological tool that you can use in many ways.


Productivity: 7 Smartphone Apps That Help You Work Better Everyday

Living in an age of uber-cool smartphones has helped us manage our daily routine better. Whether you use an Android or iPhone, you can download many third-party applications that help you get more out of your day. With a number of these mobile apps at your fingertips, maximizing productivity is a breeze.


Press Release Sample 1

MXXXXX's AYYYYY software is an intuitive and collaborative tool that takes care of the heavy lifting of content, publishing, and promotion for small business owners.


Addicted To Outdoor Experiences? Us Too.

Love those close-ups with animals in a wildlife sanctuary? Want to get a dose of pure nature with your morning coffee? Wildr offers an abundance of options. Go for a nature walk with friends, explore the serenity of yoga, or embark on a slightly adventurous hiking/camping tour, the choice is yours!!



Content Producer

-Evaluated project requirements and content standards for each project to produce copy in line with creative structure. -Utilized exceptional writing, editing, and proofreading skills to produce engaging and error-free content. -Managed competing deadlines with efficiency. -Completed thorough research into assigned topics.

Company: Freelance Platforms/Independent Professional

I worked there from 6/2017 until now

Social Media Specialist

-Used coordination and planning skills to achieve results according to schedule. -Used critical thinking to break down problems, evaluate solutions and make decisions. -Maintained energy and enthusiasm in a fast-paced environment. -Exceeded goals through effective task prioritization and great work ethic. -Worked with clients to understand needs and provide excellent service.

Company: Freelance/Independent Projects

I worked there from 9/2017 until now

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