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David Tuckey


About Me

I am a retired police officer, interstate trailer truck and coach bus driver. I am also a U. S. Navy veteran. In all of this (total of 49 years), I have had report writing, and record-keeping, especially in police work. I wrote reports in high school, and gave "how-to" speeches. I have always loved to write stories.

 Most recently, I am volunteering with the Jewish Home of Greater Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Since August, 2020, I have written 5 and 6 page transcripts for a weekly virtual program entitled: "Words of Wisdom". It was given this title by the assistant recreation director. I write about the character values of famous people, and their accomplishments. I have also written about the birth and "growing pains" of the United States. 

Since the full name of the Statue of Liberty is "Liberty Enlightening the World", I use examples of our nation (beacons of hope) that the torch of the Statue of Liberty represents.

I have, on occasion, over the years, written instructions for people in myriad scenarios. Included in these are directions to certain locations, using land marks. I have written instructions, in layman's terms about completing projects.

My most involved, detailed report writing, was in police work. In criminal and traffic accident investigation, I had to give a clear, comprehensive word picture that could become a court case. This meant taking statements from witnesses (if any), and, in the case of traffic accidents, compare statements with physical evidence. 

My hobbies are as follows: various kinds of art, writing stories, photography, science (research --- all manner of topics on the internet), some wood- working with power tools, music (especially choirs) and a variety of outdoor activities.

In commercial driving, I have, on occasion, taught trailer truck and coach bus drivers.

I talked about my involvement with the Jewish Home (where my late mother-in-law resided) of Harrisburg. I have a letter of recommendation from the assistant recreation director, who, incidently, gave my weekly program the title: "Words of Wisdom".

I have been married 51 1/2 years to my first wife, and am a 23-year grandfather (three grandchildren).

I am a 76 year native of Enola, a suburb of Harrisburg, the Capital of Pennsylvania.



I have volunteered in many activities of the Recreation Department for the residents of skilled nursing. My present activity (as I mentioned earlier) is writing 4 - 6 page (typing on my PC) transcripts for my weekly virtual (due to COVID 19) program for residents. I give a copy of my transcripts to the Recreation Director and her assistant. I have included my most recent writing sample for Presidents' Day, (my program) Tuesday, February 16, 2021.

Company: The Campus of the Jewish Home of Greater Harrisburg

I worked there from 12/2019 until now