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Trauma-informed Story Coach, Author, TEDx speaker. I help influencers infuse powerful story into their message for the stage, books, & business.

About Me

Marcy Pusey, CRC, CTRP, MBTI Certified, has been featured on numerous podcasts, blogs, webinars, summits, stages, and books around the world. She has published 18 (and counting) books for children and adults. 

Some of her bestselling books have been awarded the Mom’s Choice Gold Award, 5-Star Readers’ Favorite Awards, and the Gittle List Award for Indie Writers.

 Marcy was awarded the Editor’s Choice Award at Author Advantage Live for her service as a book editor. 

She's a longtime member of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators. 

She now takes years of experience in both the traditional and self-published industries to support authors through their publishing journey with editing and critiquing, consulting, and done-4-you services through her company, Miramare Ponte Press, LLC. 

She's now taken her message twice to the TEDx stage, with ongoing invitations to share her ideas from the TEDx platform.

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My Writing Samples

How to Find an Illustrator: Children’s Book Guide

A how-to guide on how to publish children's picture books.


How to Speak at Schools and Book Author Visits

A step-by-step article on how to grow your children's author business through school and author visits



A guest post on a blog where I shared about my journey as a children's book author and publisher


How to Write a Children's Book that Readers Will Love

A step-by-step guide on how to write a high quality children's book that sells.


How to Write a Children's Book (Training Included)

A step-by-step guide on writing a professional and high-quality children's book


Interview with 2016 SCBWI Crystal Kite Winner Angela Cerrito

A guest-post blog interview with award-winning author, Angela Cerrito.


Put the Monkeys in a Jar and Dream Big

A guest post on setting your mindset and dreams to accomplish your goal of writing and publishing


Casting Main Characters with Dan Wells

A guest post article where I interview best-selling and award-winning author, Dan Wells.


5 Realistic Steps to Overcome Secondary Trauma Starting Today

A guest-post for a blog about overcoming Secondary Trauma


The Abundance of Less: A Social Experiment of Not Buying Anything New for One Year

Have you ever looked around your house and wondered, How did I get so much stuff? That stuff gets LOUD. Studies have shown that excessive amounts of clutter rob us of joy, peace, and rest, giving us instead, stress and anxiety, less sleep, lowered productivity, and diminished overall wellness. And yet, we keep consuming more and more of the many things we still apparently need to be happy and whole. In 2010, Marcy looked...


Forever Homes

Her dreams died with her mother. With the death of their mother and absence of their father, Meagan and her two brothers are placed in foster care, beneath the watchful eye of the Agency and its new Forever Homes Initiative. The promise was that they would find a new home. A new family. A new start. Daniel has been in his for months without a word, and now the Agency says they have a Forever Home for Meagan, but not her little brother, Benjamin. She has already lost her mother and...


While We Slept: Finding Hope and Healing After Homicide

Murder changed their lives. Yet courage, hope, compassion, and forgiveness changed their perspective. In 2005, newlyweds Marcy and Jeremy woke up to the brutal murder of his mother, Mary Ann Larsen-Pusey, by his father, Clinton Pusey—they'd been sleeping just down the hall. That morning was a shock to everyone, including Clinton. He had no memory of that morning, except for a few random, seemingly unimportant tasks he accomplished. Marcy and Jeremy suddenly lost both parents at once—one...


Parenting Children of Trauma: The Foster-Adoption Guide to Understanding Attachment Disorder

Do you ever feel confused about what went wrong in your foster or adoption story? Are you fearful about the future of your marriage and your children? Do you ever feel overwhelmed and desperate for help? You are not alone. Many foster and adoptive parents are raising children with complex emotional trauma, desperate for answers to heal their families. Caught off guard, these families find themselves with shattered dreams, shattered homes, and shattered hearts, with nowhere to turn for answers.


Reclaiming Hope: Overcoming the Challenges of Parenting Foster and Adopted Children

Do you ever doubt your decision to foster or adopt? Do you feel hopeless in the challenges of parenting your foster or adopted children? Do you worry that you really ARE a failure as a parent? You are not alone. Too many parents enter foster care and adoption without having accurate information or knowing what to expect. Of those who do, many find they don’t have the resources or support they need to do it well. Many parents find themselves inadequate, insufficient, and incapable...


Bath Time Magic

Making his second appearance since his best-selling debut in According to Corban, the imaginative Corban is at it again! In Bath Time Magic, Corban must fool his parents into believing he hates baths to keep them from learning his secret: his tub is magical. Join him on a bath time adventure as his magical tub plops him into shark-infested seas, raging rivers and waterfalls, and favorite games with his ocean friends. But when the ocean swirls and twirls a cyclone, will Corban escape to...


According to Corban

*Winner of The Gittle List Award, 2017* In Corban's imagination, kitchens are troll's lairs, backyards are jungles, and bedrooms are launching pads to Mars. Little sisters can be princesses, witches, or sometimes, just the partner needed to save the day. In According to Corban, even the most mundane tasks turn into exotic adventures. But when the queen turns into a dragon, Corban discovers a surprising hero. Read the text and enjoy the illustration to see the world through Corban's eyes...


Weirdo and Willy

Willy is taunted by his classmates for being weird—for the way he dresses, what he eats, and the things he likes to do. One day, a “Weirdo” actually shows up in response to their name-calling. The creature wants to play! Thus begins a tale of unlikely friendship: Weirdo and Willy find the companionship they’ve been missing in the most unlikely of people… er, creatures. Weirdo and Willy is a story about accepting differences and not prejudging people. It’s about co-operation and selflessness...


Speranza's Sweater: A Child's Journey Through Foster Care and Adoption

Kids deserve a safe place to live and grow and learn. For some kids, this means living with foster or adoptive parents. Multiple time award-winning Speranza’s Sweater chronicles one child’s experience through the foster and adoptive system. Speranza wears her sweater everywhere, hanging onto the last memories of her birth home, until it’s threadbare. Like her unraveled sweater, Speranza must weave together a new story, bringing threads from her past and strands from her present, into...



There are many “voices” in the world telling us that we’re “too much” of this or “too much” of that. Sometimes the voices say that we’re “not enough” of this or “not enough” of that. If we believe these messages, we miss out on living out the wonder and beauty of being exactly who we were made to be. We miss out on being “Just right.” Thus begins the story of a wild turkey chick who is abnormally strong…Herculean strong. In the midst of ridicule, Tercules must find the beauty of his uniquenes


Becoming Women of Worth: Stories of Trauma & Triumph

A book compilation of various authors in which I wrote a chapter on the murder of my mother-in-law and how we overcame it.


Becoming Women of Worth: Stories of Hope and Faith

A book compilation of various authors in which I wrote a chapter on identity, parenting, and mindset.

http://Becoming Women of Worth: Stories of Hope and Faith

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