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About Me

I am an outstanding writer who is passionate about technology, business, finance, and productivity, especially when any of these intersect with the area of self-improvement. However, my huge level of curiosity means I maintain a significant level of interest in the world around me. As a result, I am also keen on sports,  current affairs, politics, and science.  

I have a master's degree in communications with over five years of experience as a software engineer. 

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My Writing Samples

How to Switch Web Hosts for Your WordPress Site

A 2,500-word article that would be simple yet comprehensive enough to guide both the tech-savvy and the novice user on how to migrate to a WordPress site. I researched and wrote the article, including capturing screenshots. Some of the details included were database migration, changing DNS nameservers, and switching URLs. The article was accompanied by images and screenshots to visually guide the user on how to implement the actions. The project was completed on time with client satisfaction.



Technical Writer, Creative Writer, and Consultant

Company: Self-employed

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