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My name is Muyeka Teddy. I am very happy to see a job posting that is 100% fit for my skills. A native English speaker with a BA from the University of Pennsylvania with 400+ successful resume, academic writing, cover letters, editing and proofreading, transcriptions, trivia multiple answers questions under my belt. I have written and published 9 books. A plagiarism-free paper and impeccable quality content is what I deliver. It will be my pleasure having to work with you guys on this project. While I am certain there will be others who underbid me on this project, I can assure you several things;
1. I am a native English speaker; this means I can ensure quality communication with regards to the project, thus meaning you won’t have any problems when it comes to my grammar.
2. I am keen to details when it comes to guidelines and formatting.
3. I work extremely fast and available within short notice.
4. I have a great desire to provide my clients with nothing short of the best. I have the required experience in content writing.
5. I am offering you a blend of value, experience, and creativity.
6. I will transform your drafts/ ideas into a wonderful story that will be liked by your clients.
7. I have a great desire to give my clients the very best.

Here are some tips that I'll use to ensure that my articles are interesting, and up to the required standards;
1. Make my sentences short, not more than 20 words. It has come to my realization that the average reader doesn't like long sentences. Sad but true!
2. Incorporate bucket brigades for an easy transition into new sub-headings. e.g. That's not all, what's even better, what else? but there's a catch
3. Write in a conversational tone that informs but as well breaks the ice.
4. Include fun facts, and figures to support my claims.
5. Make my intros as catchy as possible.
6. End with a parting shot
Recently on Upwork, I have successfully completed quite a number of projects. For more information, you can please visit my work history. Success is my main aim.
I am always available on Email and Upwork.
I will be available more than 50 hours per week and able to start your project as soon as possible according to you.
I'd be more than delighted to work for your company. I hope my letter will reflect on my true personality and dedication to the job.
Thank you and I look forward to working with you.
Best regards,
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Secondary education and schools in the UK

Secondary education in England is one of the main pillars of the British economy: a strong school system annually prepares millions of teenagers for university education, which has an excellent academic reputation. In many ways, the effectiveness of English schools is explained by the fact that for more than two centuries, many of them have been private. This attracted more money and as a result, more good professionals. Another advantage of schooling in England is its openness: a parent from an


Nutrition in Africa: time for “unusual business”

I’m passionate about working in nutrition. I do what I do because I know how it feels when everybody looks the other way. I was a “preemie” – a premature baby. Weighing a mere 1.08 kg and anemic, the doctors gave me 72 hours to live. But I’m still here; against all the odds I survived, and now I want to be part of the solution




I usually edit the Campus Weekly

Company: Moi University

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